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Des O’Connor creates Women Business Experts – with coaching, consulting, and advanced marketing strategies to help them build a brand and expand their business. In this presentation, Des will discuss his proven method and specific process that anyone can follow to Become a Recognised Expert in 90 Days – with a series of steps and actionable business advice on how to identify and create your business niche, how to sell your expertise, how to build an audience for your brand, how to find opportunities for public speaking, and much more!

Public speaking is one of the most important components of becoming a recognised expert. Des will explain why public speaking is so important to building your career, and how you can get started by speaking on stage at our next event – or even by speaking abroad at international conferences, retreats, and other professional events!


Business Name:Happiness & Fulfilment Coach and Author

Speaking Title: How To Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities

Caroline Emile is a happiness & fulfilment coach and author, passionate about inspiring and empowering disenchanted career professionals to create lives they absolutely love through reconnecting with their authentic selves and clarifying their soul purpose.

She professionally trained as a Co-Active Coach at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London after working for almost a decade in marketing communications across various industries in the UK and Middle East, yet became more dissatisfied at her core as she progressed in her corporate career. Caroline seized the opportunity of a redundancy from her ‘dream job’ (that turned out to be highly toxic) to finally embrace her innate passion to support others to live more consciously.

She has co-authored “Voices of Hope” (launching in mid-2019) and is a contributor for Thrive Global and The Huff Post.


Business Name: Sarah-J Coaching

Speaking Title: Get out of that Career Rut – and Find A Job You Love

Sarah Jones – Published author, speaker, accredited personal & executive coach for people like you – motivated, ambitious and want to grab life with both hands and find what they love to do!

Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Sarah Jones has always been tenacious, entrepreneurial and unafraid to speak her mind. At times being the only woman in the boardroom amongst in international corporations in her early 30s, she is a beacon of strength for leaders and individuals

In Sarah’s former career, she was a leader in corporate affairs but founded Sarah-J Coaching to help individuals and leaders become their personal best in life and in business. She is dubbed the ‘reinvention rebooter’ having helped to pull out individuals from the trenches and into the spotlight through her transformative and action-based coaching approach.

She regularly wades in on topical media issues such as the #MeToo campaign, mental health and wellbeing, and anxiety and issues regarding career moves and career progression in the media and has been featured in the Guardian, The Financial Times, Metro, Daily Express & Daily Mail, and the Chrissy B Show.

Her credentials speak for themselves. She says:

“Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable drive to help others find their happiness, I want to help others turn setback to successes, and become the pilots not passengers in their lives and careers – as I have!”

Her book ‘From Vulnerable to Invincible’ helps readers to identify how to step into their challenges, reframe & learn, to launch themselves to success.   “(For more information visit: https://www.sarah-j.com/fromvulnerabletoinvincible)

Sarah says, “Problems are progress and behind them there are always questions to be answered, and lessons we can learn – if we are willing to listen. Life is a series many chapters and I want to help you find the NEXT in your career – that aligns to who you really are, not who you think you should be.”


Business Name:  Abicord

Speaking Title: Ten Minutes To Change Your Life And Your Wealth

Graham is a chartered psychologist, personal and executive coach, development trainer, CEO of Abicord and Abicord Consulting and founder of the Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (AAACTT).

Abicord provides trainings on Personal Development, Stress Resilience, Leadership, Relating to Others, Team Effectiveness and Presentation Skills to organisations and individuals. Graham is the prime developer of Acceptance Action Training, now provided under the name Positive Mind Training, a highly accredited personal development and effectiveness training, later enhanced by teams at ExxonMobil and the University of London. The training has been provided to tens of thousands of individual and organisational clients.

Graham is a qualified coach and has helped hundreds of executives and others to improve their work and personal lives and to achieve their goals.

Graham is a Chartered Psychologist. He is the developer of Acceptance Action Therapy (AAT), an enhanced form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As a practicing member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), he and his company provide consultancy services to adults, children, couples, families, executives, organisations and the courts.

Graham is the founder of AAACTT, an association for coaches, therapists and trainers who incorporate, or seek to incorporate, acceptance action tools in their services and to promote those services to potential clients.


Business Name:  Eloise Burton Ltd

Speaking Title: How You Can Harness The Benefits Of Overthinking


Business Name: Orgasm & Relationship Coach

Speaking Title: Emotional Detox to Becoming Multi-Orgasmic

I Help Men and Women Have More Orgasm, Better Relationships and More Love, Happiness and Deeper Human Connection in their Life.

Michael Charming is an Orgasm & Relationship Coach, Speaker and Author of upcoming book ‘Amplify Your Orgasm’.

Considering that ‘Kamasutra’, the world’s first ancient scripture of love making was written in India and erotic temples and such education was once a norm in Indian society. Growing up in India, Michael was surprised to find this topic was a big taboo which no one wanted to talk in society. Since the age of 17, it has always been his dream to become a pioneer in this field and bring transformation in society.

Michael believe in living a balanced life consisting of masculine and feminine. His coaching practice focuses on providing an experience of love and approval and he designs the best technique for each individual so that they can feel safe to come out, grow, become sensual beings and zing in all aspects of their lives and relationships. He believes in living a desire-based life full of authenticity, power and freedom.

Michael only works with limited number of clients at a time who are really serious about their own transformation and are willing to do the work for themselves. He specialises in working with both, men and women whether as individuals or as couples and his areas of expertise includes:

  • Orgasmic Meditation training and coaching
  • Making Relationships Better and creative relating coaching
  • Deep Dive Desire coaching
  • Sexuality based coaching
  • Emotional detox through bodywork

As a bodyworker, his (female) clients have experienced transformational changes in their lives after the sessions. Clients have felt profound relaxation, more confidence, rejuvenation, joyfulness, emotionally light heartedness and peaceful with oneself and their partner. Many of his clients have also experienced whole body orgasms and amazing sensations in different parts of their bodies that were either numbed out or they didn’t know that those existed.

Michael’s core visions are to help men and women have more Orgasm, Better Relationships and More Love, Happiness and Deeper Human Connection in their Life. He is currently working on organising his next workshop in Mar’19 ‘Orgasm and Relationships Matter’ and on finishing his book which is expected to be released in May’19.


Business Name: Certified Success Principles Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Executive.

Speaking Title: Building a High Performance Culture

After working in Law office Tirana City Hall, and in Human Resources for a very prestigious Institution Columbia University. Desi left her loving Institution to become an entrepreneur. She decided to take the next step on quest to help her home institution and many other organizations, and entrepreneurs to achieve greatness with passion and purpose. In other words, to live “On Fire” without Burning Out”

Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Desi Tahiraj has always been passioned to help others, and have invested many hundred thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in learning the art of Transformational Trainer to create lasting positive change in the people’s lives with her unique knowledge of human behavior and beauty. She learned from the best in the industry – Jack Canfield, Mary Morrissey, Landmark, John Assaraf, Kevin Harrington, Christian Mickelsen, Bob Practor, Nataly Ledwell; ExecuNet.Inc, Navara Business School, Peter Bregman, Jeff Hyman, Steve Harrison, Sai Blackbyrn, Smith College, LinkedIn, IAW (International Association of Women)

In 2010 and 2011 Desi was recognized and given Award for Distinguished Service in Management at Columbia University. She is recognized with an ability to motivate, inspire, and empower those she meets and works with her. She is a Member of ExecuNet.Inc, IAW (International Association of Women), The Marquis Who’s Who member. Donor of St. Jude Children Hospital, in process of writing her Book “The impact of Heavenly Feelings”


Business Name: Thrive Programm Consultant

Speaking Title: Mental Health Disruptor

Kate Ashley-Norman is the host of The Mental Health Revolution podcast, and a passionate speaker and campaigner for changing the nature and tone of the conversation around mental health. She is also a Thrive Programme consultant helping entrepreneurs and small business owners supercharge their emotional health, and works in businesses to help them create a powerful, thriving environment, eliminating common mental health issues, and increasing productivity.


Business Name: Coach and Co-Founder of The Nursery Support Network

Speaking Title: Overcoming Stress And Anxiety

Mark Langford has worked for over 30 years in the finance sector. He has worked for some of the biggest and best known corporations in the world including The BBC, Aston Martin and Jaguar Land Rover. Mark grew up in West London. Both his parents were Anglo Indian having emigrated from India in 1961. Being Roman Catholic Mark attended a Catholic school. This upbringing in a multi-cultural family, along with the pressures of attending a school as an ethic minority resulted in Mark suffering from bullying and racism. As a consequence he battled stress and anxiety for several years. He has successfully overcome this and is now the proud owner of 3 successful businesses.


Business Name: Published Author, Amazon #1 Best Seller – Energy and Intuitive, Teacher and Guide

Speaking Title: Fly-Baby-Fly Free Your Soul

Jan Mayfield – Published Author, Amazon #1best seller – Energy and intuitive, teacher and guide, with an abundance of passion in life.

For the people who are ready to change their lives, grow and expand to their reason for being on Earth!

Prior to Jan connecting to her purpose she had many ups and downs in life, as have you. Her career in Teaching ended, after a car accident left her unable to carry on.

Always knowing and wanting more, Jan diligently rose from the illness and began to release her true self. Using a sequence of co-ordinated events in her life she found energy healing and awareness a great strength, along with her super charged intuition.

That was more than 20 years ago, she now brings those 20 years of experience along with her teaching skills, and consultations with hundreds of struggling people. She is now sharing all that knowledge with you.

Author of her first book; Zoetic Soul- Pertaining to life, Your life – in a trilogy; guiding and inspiring from real life experiences to your solutions.

FLY-BABY-FLY – Free Your Soul, online program and workshops opens your mind to YOU.

Jan: “It is my passion to inspire and expand your knowledge.

Access your Inner Powerhouse, Your Passion and Life Purpose, by Identifying, Connecting and Releasing to the true you.”


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Business Name: Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Host, Master Sales Coach, Events Marketing

Speaking Title: Speakers Are Influencers

Shukeel has worked with some of the biggest speakers in the world and is currently working with the Tony Robbins team at Success Resources. He’s deeply passionate about person development and is committed to putting Birmingham and the West Midlands region on the map as a global centre of excellence.

He cut his teeth in the financial services sector where he accumulated almost 25 years of experience in business. In recent years he’s been prolific as a speaker and coach specialising in sales and business strategy. He’s also the head trainer for the Midlands region for Public Speaking Academy, a major Public Speaking and Communications agency. Shukeel is also chairman of Yes Group West Midlands, part of Yes Group Worldwide the oldest and largest personal development organisation in the UK where he features top international speakers every month in Birmingham. He’s proud of his city and wants to make a lasting impact, but more importantly he wants to enable thousands of other people to step up and claim their space and their greatness through the power of personal development and public speaking. Get ready to be energised with his unique, inspirationa, and dynamic performance on stage.


Business Name: Simply Sisterhood

Speaking Title: How to Profit from Your Pleasure

Lucie is a dynamic and highly personable leader, leading by example as a dedicated mum with 3 small children who is committed to her own personal growth through daily practice and her own life experience. She is passionate about female leadership and pioneering the role of women in the future.

With a background in HR and Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming teaching and a former Relationship coach, Lucie is highly qualified in Human Potential, personal relationships and masculine and feminine dynamics.

She leads and mentors women through her Simply Sisterhood community and The Feminine Freedom Movement, helping thousands of women to live a full live that is full of passion, pleasure and progress.

As well as giving a direct platform and a business opportunity to women who want to lead their own tribe of successful women, through the licensing of the Simply Sisterhood (which is currently going through rapid expansion throughout the UK), she also mentors her own private clients to greater entrepreneurial success doing it the ‘Feminine Way’

Lucie says #yestolife and is a fun loving advocate of women who is an inspirational example of a leader living life to the max, despite – and often because of – numerous personal challenges.

She’s a woman to watch for sure.


Business Name:Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Life Coach, Counsellor, Presenter & Motivational Speaker

Speaking Title: Smile And Never Give Up Trying

I have worked in the Health & Fitness Industry for 23 years as a Personal Trainer training Celebrities, Newsreaders and Models to clients all over UK and Overseas. I love helping people to achieve their goals. I am a multi-talented woman that has worked in Law, Accountancy. I am a Life coach, Motivational speaker, Counsellor, Nutritionist. I am a qualified Instructor in so many areas of Fitness from boxing to Insanity. I am part of Beachbody in USA as an instructor and Coach to Fauja Singh’s UK running team (Sikhs in the City).I completed my first ever marathon on Fauja Singh’s 108th birthday as my present to him and now preparing for my next challenges this year in Luxembourg for InterFaith (Run for a United World).This is the biggest compliment to represent UK in the intercultural run for peace and then Toronto half marathon.

I am the first famous Asian UK girl who broke the Fitness barriers in the Asian culture 23 years ago. What our boys couldn’t do I did. I beat our boys. I also became the first Asian girl with the most qualifications under my belt. I am a Fitness Presenter on K-TV (Sky 770) presenting my own Fitness show (Stay Fit, Stay Happy).I have also appeared as a guest on K-TV’s comedy show. I enjoy a challenge and never give up trying. I was also the first Personal Trainer who introduced the Insanity workout to one of the local gym’s in Wolverhampton. The story was published in the Express & Star. I have been a guest on Gulshan Radio. I have appeared in our Asian newspaper (Des Pardes). I also broke the Guinness World record with Anthony Joshua and Lucozade Fit water and 499 other Boxercise Instructors in Bethnal Green in 2018 for the largest Boxercise class held. I raised money for Teenage Cancer Trust by holding the hardest 45min female boot camp.


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