Speaking Title: How to Become an Expert and Speak on Stage at Our Next Event.

Des O’Connor is an Award-Winner & Founder of Social Media Marketing & Women in Business Events, Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Founder of Social Media Marketing Events and Association for Social Media Managers, Des O’Connor’s Women in Business, Award-Winning Relationship Coach, Business Consultant and International Speaker.

Des O’Connor’s new project has been “Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Super Conference” which Empowers Women to be Successful in business on September 30th and November 4th 2018 in London.

He is also a social media consultant and founder of Social Media Marketing Events which helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Discover Actionable Insights and Practical Advice to Use Social Media to Expand Their Audience, Find Qualified Customers, and Accelerate Their Business Growth

He shows people how to use social media and online marketing tools to build relationships, deliver educational content, and create communities and networking opportunities. Des started his career as a relationship coach, and won the 2013 award for Relationship Coach of the Year from the Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).

Expanding on his work as a relationship-builder and community creator, Des now offers corporate training and business coaching and consulting in social media marketing and webinar marketing. Des is the first consultant in the UK to offer workshops and coaching on how to host live and automated webinars that expand audiences, find new customers and boost sales. He has produced a series of sold-out seminars and online courses with top industry experts on social media marketing.

An in-demand guest speaker and media commentator, Des O’Connor has served as a seminar leader and presenter on social media marketing for business events such as Exposure Events business expos, the Business Growth Show, the Digital Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo, and the YES Group. He also plans to work with the Association for Social Media Managers (ASMM) to launch the social media industry’s first globally recognized professional accreditation in social media marketing, and will provide exciting speaking opportunities on stage at his seminars for ASMM members who want to take their business to a larger audience. Des also offers training to help social media consultants market their services to corporate clients.


Business Name: The Deborah Gordon Agency

Speaking Title: 5 Reasons Why Speaking Internationally Supports Your Business and Professional Development

Deborah Gordon is the founder of Deborah-Gordon.com which is a new International Speaking & Networking Company based in London.

Deborah has a unique skill of engaging people, being of font of information and bringing people together, whether it be at a professional or social level.

Deborah-Gordon.com will source speaking engagements for you, that will help raise your profile and support you in developing your business.

Deborah has over 20 years experience of working within statutory, voluntary and private settings in the areas of Learning & Development, Workforce Development, Equality & Diversity, Policy, Organisational Change, Project Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, Early Years Care & Education, Teaching, Youth Work, & Lecturing.

Deborah has always had a keen interest in developing people, and providing opportunities for individuals to be exposed to a wide range of opportunities which will assist them reaching their full potential.


Business Name: Relationship Coach

Speaking Title: 5 Ways on How to Continually Love Yourself

Alarine McLawrence is a relationship coach for singles and couples, based in London, UK and serving clients worldwide. Her proven methods for relationship coaching help singles find the love of their life while improving their dating strategies, self-confidence and communication skills.

She also offers couples relationship coaching to help couples improve their communication, recognise and adjust to negative patterns of behaviour, strengthen their bonds, and help them build a solid foundation for love to last a lifetime.

Alarine McLawrence is the dating relationship coach for singles and couples that can help you find the love of your life…and make your love last a lifetime.


Business Name: Award Winning Social Media Expert, International Speaker

Speaking Title: 5 Steps to get Targeted Leads on Facebook

Sharon Callix is the Number 1 social media expert in the UK and an award-winning social media coach (named Social Media Coach of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants).

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs get bigger audiences on social media, become an authority in their niche, and learn how to make money using social media without having to spend money on advertising. She also offers bespoke consulting services to clients which involves personal training as well as social media management, and provides mentorship to start ups to guide them on their journey by assuring them with coaching and techniques.

Sharon Callix is fully accredited and endorsed by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), the UK’s leading professional organisation for the coaching, training and consulting industry. She provides consulting services for all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

She has been featured on Sky News as an expert commentator on how to handle abuse on social media, and her clients include the Mayor of London, NHS, BBC, ITV, Ascot, airlines, newspapers, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, speakers and coaches such as Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, and more.

Sharon also speaks at many events across the world and has toured the UK sharing trade secrets and training others on how to be “social proof” and stay in line with the guidelines of social media.

Sharon was recently nominated Speaker of The Year by the APCTC and was selected as a finalist/runner up.

Sharon is a platinum expert for Ezine Articles and a widely read author who blogs on various platforms about the latest news and updates in social media.

Watch Sharon on Sky News:

Des O'Connors

Sunday, 30th September 2018, 9am -7pm

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