Speaking Title: How to Become an Expert and Speak on Stage at Our Next Event.

Des O’Connor is an Award-Winner & Founder of Social Media Marketing & Women in Business Events, Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Founder of Social Media Marketing Events and Association for Social Media Managers, Des O’Connor’s Women in Business, Award-Winning Relationship Coach, Business Consultant and International Speaker.

Des O’Connor’s new project has been “Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Super Conference” which Empowers Women to be Successful in business on September 30th and November 4th 2018 in London.

He is also a social media consultant and founder of Social Media Marketing Events which helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Discover Actionable Insights and Practical Advice to Use Social Media to Expand Their Audience, Find Qualified Customers, and Accelerate Their Business Growth

He shows people how to use social media and online marketing tools to build relationships, deliver educational content, and create communities and networking opportunities. Des started his career as a relationship coach, and won the 2013 award for Relationship Coach of the Year from the Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).

Expanding on his work as a relationship-builder and community creator, Des now offers corporate training and business coaching and consulting in social media marketing and webinar marketing. Des is the first consultant in the UK to offer workshops and coaching on how to host live and automated webinars that expand audiences, find new customers and boost sales. He has produced a series of sold-out seminars and online courses with top industry experts on social media marketing.

An in-demand guest speaker and media commentator, Des O’Connor has served as a seminar leader and presenter on social media marketing for business events such as Exposure Events business expos, the Business Growth Show, the Digital Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo, and the YES Group. He also plans to work with the Association for Social Media Managers (ASMM) to launch the social media industry’s first globally recognized professional accreditation in social media marketing, and will provide exciting speaking opportunities on stage at his seminars for ASMM members who want to take their business to a larger audience. Des also offers training to help social media consultants market their services to corporate clients.


Business Name: Ultimate Woman

Speaking Title: Breakthrough Your Barriers & Achieve the Success You Want

Nicky Peters; Women’s Champion, trusted mentor, International Speaker and Founder of Ultimate Woman.

Nicky is a performance coach, qualified accountant and breast cancer survivor. With a career spanning 25 years Nicky has experience as a finance professional, operations director and business owner in sectors including drug development, technology, psychometrics and a national charity.

Combining her professional skills and personal experiences, Nicky launched Ultimate Woman in 2018 to empower professional women to be strong, authentic leaders of financially sound, life changing businesses.

The network helps women to overcome limiting beliefs, fears and challenges to help scale your business, boost your career and become an ultimate champion.


Business Name: A 1 TRIBE Community Enterprise Platform

Speaking Title: Working With Differences: Giving People with Disabilities The Opportunity to Perform at Their Highest Potential

My name is Sandra Rigobert and I am an Author, public speaker, teacher and encourager of people and their power to do and be extraordinary individuals for themselves and their family.


Business Name: abchange4life

Speaking Title: 
Change your story and change for life.
Your past experiences do not define who you are.
Acceptance + Belief + Choice = Change

“Don’t let your past hold you back – you can be who you truly want to be.”

Growing up in the 1950s when difficult subjects were swept under the carpet, Angelika grew up in an environment of domestic violence and suffered years of trauma and sexual abuse as a child. Her abuser told her that she would never come to anything. She was made to feel inadequate, and was told she was only good enough to be a prostitute. She believed him, felt worthless, and ended up living a ‘colourful’ life.

Being strong and intelligent, Angelika soon realised that she could choose to leave those traumas and that lifestyle behind. Her past was not her destiny! Through a process of learning and self-development, she accepted her past and looked to the future, ultimately working in various fulfilling roles in the corporate world for many years.

Eventually, Angelika realised that her purpose and passion in life was to help others reach a place of acceptance and wellbeing. For the past 17 years, she had helped to transform many people’s lives. At one stage she qualified and practiced as a Bowen therapist, but in recent years focuses on mentoring, workshops and speaking opportunities, enabling people to live a joyful, fulfilling life.

Helping you to move on from adversity and develop a positive mental attitude, Angelika’s programme of workshops and one-to-one sessions highlights where your negative beliefs are, how they’re holding you back, and helps you to achieve specific goals to re-create your life. If you would like Angelika to help you make changes for life, or would like her to speak at an event, contact her at ABChange4Life.

At the core of Angelika’s work is her formula to living a life free from pain and full of joy:

Acceptance + Belief + Choice = Change


Business Name: Relationship Coach

Speaking Title: 5 Ways on How to Continually Love Yourself

Alarine McLawrence is a relationship coach for singles and couples, based in London, UK and serving clients worldwide. Her proven methods for relationship coaching help singles find the love of their life while improving their dating strategies, self-confidence and communication skills.

She also offers couples relationship coaching to help couples improve their communication, recognise and adjust to negative patterns of behaviour, strengthen their bonds, and help them build a solid foundation for love to last a lifetime.

Alarine McLawrence is the dating relationship coach for singles and couples that can help you find the love of your life…and make your love last a lifetime.


Business Name: LCL Group Limited

Speaking Title: How to Start A Business from Scratch?

Ramesan Doraisami is a serial entrepreneur and Director of the LCL Group. LCL Group is a business advisory and mentoring firm, especially for small and medium sized businesses. Ramesan has much experience and expertise setting-up and managing businesses, grooming it for success, for entrepreneurs and investor alike. Ramesan will be sharing the wealth of his experience and knowledge on the topic giving a practical approach.


Business Name: Reflexion Associates

Speaking Title: Making Things Happen Your Way – Developing the Mindset for Success

Jenny Garrett is an Award Winning Coach with over 11 years experience of running a Global Business. She is a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs – City of London and was listed in Brummell Magazines Top 30 City Innovators 2016.

Her mission is to transform the world for everyone, one empowered woman at a time. She uses her years of experience in coaching and leadership to inspire and motivate people, working with them to deliver career and life changing results beyond expectation.

Jenny has written an Amazon Bestselling Book ‘Rocking Your Role’, on the taboo subject of female breadwinners.

She has reached an audience of over 30,000 through her speaking engagements, including two TEDx Talks, and coached individuals all over the globe from Australia, to Botswana, the US, Mexico, Spain and the UK, with over 3,000 coaching hours under her belt.

Jenny gives back through her social enterprise Rocking Ur Teens

Her most recent clients include MasterCard, EY and Mace Macro.

Jenny is a regular commentator on Sky News and LBC radio, and has been featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, The Telegraph, and Glamour magazine amongst many others.

A client recently described Jenny as a ‘yoga stretch for the career!’

Jenny’s work is characterised by having depth, personalisation and meaning, or some would say ‘soul’. See her videos, Would you follow you? And the trailer for her book ‘Rocking Your Role.’


Business Name: Diva Achievers

Speaking Title: The 5 Key Principles to Living the DIVAS Life!

Nisha Zala is a Motivational Life Coach who understands mindset and its power to transform your life. She is building a lucrative career out of helping others to develop and expand their minds – and has plans to change the world through the power of positivity, energy and thought leadership.

In the last four years she has been awarded the prestigious Newcomer Coach of the Year Award by the (APCTC) Association Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants in recognition of her impressive work in the field of coaching. Nisha has gone onto being a two time Award Winning Finalist in Overcoming Adversity and Woman to Watch Rising Star.

Nisha has been featured in newspapers, radio and has published articles. On her way to becoming a best selling author. She has featured on BBC Essex Radio on the topic of raising awareness in mental health. Nisha is creating a movement in inspiring the world to help others discover their individual talents and live the life they deserve by self leadership.

Her continuous contribution to society sets her apart from others. She leads through determination, dedication and commitment to achieving the highest level of success not only for herself but also in the guidance and support of others.

Nisha’s long term vision is to create a world where everyone has the ability to reach their full potential and working towards ending depression, suffering and pain through the setting up of holistic health centres; inspiring people through her talks, learnings and publications (books).

Nisha’s latest projects is working with young people and women who are experiencing mental health and emotional challenges to help them to discover who they are, what they want to do to and work towards a compelling future to transform them into leaders of the next generation.


Business Name: Award Winning Social Media Expert, International Speaker

Speaking Title: 5 Steps to get Targeted Leads on LinkedIn

Sharon Callix is the Number 1 social media expert in the UK and an award-winning social media coach (named Social Media Coach of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants).

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs get bigger audiences on social media, become an authority in their niche, and learn how to make money using social media without having to spend money on advertising. She also offers bespoke consulting services to clients which involves personal training as well as social media management, and provides mentorship to start ups to guide them on their journey by assuring them with coaching and techniques.

Sharon Callix is fully accredited and endorsed by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), the UK’s leading professional organisation for the coaching, training and consulting industry. She provides consulting services for all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

She has been featured on Sky News as an expert commentator on how to handle abuse on social media, and her clients include the Mayor of London, NHS, BBC, ITV, Ascot, airlines, newspapers, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, speakers and coaches such as Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, and more.

Sharon also speaks at many events across the world and has toured the UK sharing trade secrets and training others on how to be “social proof” and stay in line with the guidelines of social media.

Sharon was recently nominated Speaker of The Year by the APCTC and was selected as a finalist/runner up.

Sharon is a platinum expert for Ezine Articles and a widely read author who blogs on various platforms about the latest news and updates in social media.

Watch Sharon on Sky News:


Business Name: The Deborah Gordon Agency

Speaking Title: 5 Reasons Why Speaking Internationally Supports Your Business and Professional Development

Deborah Gordon is the founder of Deborah-Gordon.com which is a new International Speaking & Networking Company based in London.

Deborah has a unique skill of engaging people, being of font of information and bringing people together, whether it be at a professional or social level.

Deborah-Gordon.com will source speaking engagements for you, that will help raise your profile and support you in developing your business.

Deborah has over 20 years experience of working within statutory, voluntary and private settings in the areas of Learning & Development, Workforce Development, Equality & Diversity, Policy, Organisational Change, Project Management, Coaching, Mentoring, Counseling, Early Years Care & Education, Teaching, Youth Work, & Lecturing.

Deborah has always had a keen interest in developing people, and providing opportunities for individuals to be exposed to a wide range of opportunities which will assist them reaching their full potential.



Business Name: Founder and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies

Speaking Title: Empowering You to Follow Your Passion Whilst Building Wealth

Jonathan pfahl is the Founder and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies. Rockstar is the UKs largest resource centre for entrepreneurs and investors featuring its own sales outsource team, digital marketing company, high profile mentor access as well as its own crowd fund and law firm. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Jonathan set up Rockstar in 2007 with the goal to help clients build wealth as that is his passion. An engaging and passionate speaker, do make sure to attend his workshop.


Business Name: All Women’s Network

Speaking Title: How to Run an Effective Women’s Group

Hannah Kupoluyi is a mum of 3 and married – she supports and inspire women within are community through her Network.

She’s the founder of All Women’s Network organisations based in Barking and Dagenham . A diverse and strong group of women who are dedicated to growing their community through focus on mums, families, and business. Her group is committed to promoting social inclusion, tackle Isolation, and build self-confidences & self esteem including Business support.

A fiercely passionate and driven woman of action who works tirelessly to make a real difference through empowering women to embrace their passion and walk in their purpose. Hannah has been awarded by the Leader and the Councillor of Barking and Dagenham Council for her outstanding contributions to women in the borough. She has been awarded by starting point, London Quadrant, WLA and many more.

Her work is extraordinary , very commendable and is impacting the lives of women in the local community and beyond!



Business Name: Stress Xpress

Speaking Title: 5 Ways to Happier Relationship Break-Ups

“The Harley Street Stress Expert” Stress Xpress

Speaker, Educator, Mentor

Caroline Heward “The Harley Street Stress Expert”. Specialist in relationship and intimacy issues for professional couples and individuals. Achieving massive results for clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Conducts break-through sessions for her clients.

Caroline provides her private and corporate clients with FAST solutions for stress and identifies the root cause for specific stress related issues which manifest in the body physically, emotionally, mentally and behaviourally.

Caroline, “The Harley Street Stress Expert” and Intimacy Mentor and Educator.

She achieves powerful results for her clients, which directly impact their relationships, careers, working life and the business bottom line. Profound results for clients suffering from bereavement issues.

Caroline has over 16 years of management, sales and networking experience.

She is an Expert in “Networking Psychology” and a passionate and inspiring speaker. She is a chartered marketer and was Vice Chairman for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, London Branch in 2002.

Caroline managed the Flagship 1230 TWC ladies monthly lunch networking group in Mayfair in 2005 for four years. And chaired the weekly BRX Bond Street Breakfast Group, in 2005 taking it to become the flagship group of the national organisation – with a waiting list to join!

Diploma certified in 2002, in bio energy chakra balancing energy healing and quantum physics, quantum mechanics and working with kundalini meditation breath work, and Chakra psychology,

Caroline was a wellbeing columnist for “Brand New You”, a nationally distributed magazine in 2007 and regularly interviewed on satellite radio and TV.

Caroline is a Certified Trainer and an expert in behavioural change, the psychology of human behaviour and communication. She is a licenced Avatar Master. Caroline is also a Chartered Marketer, graduating in 1995.

Caroline’s background in health and wellbeing started in 1988 when she joined the pioneering Holland & Barrett health food chain, at the beginning of the healthy living revolution as a manager, turning the worst performing store, to become top store of the national company.


Business Name: The People’s Partner Ltd

Speaking Title: Proximity is Power, the New Confidence Factor

Michelle Raymond is an accomplished HR professional with over 12 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Her consultancy, The People’s Partner Ltd provides HR support, bespoke training and coaching to enhance the performance of staff in management for small and medium businesses. She is a problem solver for businesses who need to motivate and engage their staff and enable growth following a restructure.

As well as providing presentation skills, management skills, and recruitment and selection training for managers and newly appointed recruiters, Michelle also helps those on the other side of the fence, the career seekers or those going through a period of career change by running workshops in secondary schools, entrepreneurial workshops and mastermind groups.

Bringing practical experience from the areas of HR, Coaching, Diversity and CSR, Michelle uses her knowledge to enable teams to become self-reliant and empowered and has partnered with many organisations in the UK and internationally, from education to media, property and charitable organisations to enhance the performance of their most valuable assets – the staff, managers and their leaders. As an international speaker, Michelle frequently travels to the Middle East speaking on topics of entrepreneurship, career transition and business success and sustainability.

Michelle is now exploring work in the MENA regions (Middle East and North Africa)


Business Name: Divine Life Toga and Wellness and Peace & Unity Through Wellbeing

Speaking Title: Overcoming Stress, Fear & Negativity Through Divine Life Yoga & Wellness

I am a Hatha and Kundalini Yoga and Wellness Teacher and have been helping people achieve a positive mind, healthy body, peaceful spirit and abundant life for the past 20 years.

I am Yoga Ambassador for U.K. Health Radio, Watkins Books, Women of Contribution, Wellness TV and for my Sat Guru Yogiraj Siddhanath.

My inspirational book “Dreaming of a Divine Life” has just been published and launched at Watkins book shop and many have said it has inspired them to make positive changes in their lives. I have written features in Kindred Spirit magazine, Equal magazine and Health Triangle magazine and Holistic magazine.

I am now filming my “Divine Life Yoga and Wellness TV shows for Women’s Broadcast TV in America which is aired to 35 million people.

And I have created my ‘Divine Life Yoga and Wellness Video Package’ which is 6 transformational videos to bring optimum health, positive outlook, fit lean body, anti-ageing, peaceful life and to feel wonderful. They include 3 Yoga and Meditation videos, 1 Yogic Detox video 1 Free-Weights video,1 Tibetan Anti-Ageing video and a 5 page Nutritional Diet Program and 2 Free Detox products.


Business Name: International Business Strategist

Speaking Title: Positioning Women for Global Opportunities

Wendy Alexander is the founder of Inspiring-Decisions, LLC and the Global Success Society. She provides business solutions and guidance to help entrepreneurs and organizations improve their business results by teaching them advanced marketing strategies

Wendy is a Cross-Cultural Consultant and International Business Strategist and a member of Forbes Coaches Council. Businesses and leaders from different diverse areas of Ghana, Thailand, China and to The Middle East; along with many other countries and cities, from entrepreneurs and organizations of all sizes, rely on her extensive background and more than 20 years of experience to transform their business. She is a speaker, certified business coach with an M.B.A. and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Leadership and International Business. Wendy also is a professional ESL instructor, Educational consultant, Soft Skill Trainer, and Speaker. Her 20 plus years of experience in international business development, education and mental health services built on this foundation with a unique combination of knowledge and expertise. Wendy’s, stellar path to success has allowed her to acquire real-world skills and knowledge in every area of business from operations to change management and mission development. Her journey working overseas for years led her to share her passion for business and her skills in navigating cross-cultural environments in her company.

Wendy is not just an inspirational business coach, she an advocate for women and children around the world and has been for over 20 years now. She provides business strategies to non-profit and for-profit organizations to help with growth and sustainability. Along with support to families that are in need of service.


Business Name: Chief Thinking Officer

Speaking Title: Personal Mastery – Your Key to Lasting Prosperity and Happiness

Dene Stuart is the founder of The Thinking Revolution; Published author of three books; The Thinking Revolution: Unleash The Full Power of Your Mind, ResourcefulMe and The Beginner’s Guide To The Brain, The Mind and Thinking.

He is also the creator of the digital programs: The Total Confidence Framework, The Start AFRESH Blueprint and The 4 Golden Rules of Empowered Thinking.

The Thinking Revolution
The Thinking Revolution is a concept that embraces the fundamental principles of personal mastery; and is founded on the proposition:if you want to create personal change, it starts with changing the way you think.

The invitation of The Thinking Revolution is to Create The Future You Really Want

It is a resource for those who feel they have more to give, who want to make change, who want to fulfil the potential they have always felt inside.

It is for high functioning people who want to generate the clarity, courage, commitment, calmness, and certainty that is necessary so they can take the next step in their lives, whatever that might be.

The principles of personal mastery devised by Dene help his clients connect to their deep, authentic confidence; develop unbeatable resilience, resolute perseverance and indomitable spirit.

Dene’s Story

Having had a very comfortable, middle class upbringing Dene followed the expected path of university, corporate career, marriage and family.

In 1999 he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After the traditional treatments of chemo and radio therapy, he came through successfully but was left wondering; why him?

The following ten years saw him go through two redundancies which marked the end of his corporate life, the start up and closure of two business ventures with his wife, which ultimately led to the failure of his marriage after 20 years.

At the age of 53, now living alone, separated from his children and with no job, he set out to answer the question that had first come to him 10 years earlier; why?

It is the learning from this journey of discovery that has led to The Thinking Revolution the development of the principles of personal mastery and the invitation.

Des O'Connors

Sunday, 8th July 2018, 9am -7pm

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