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Des O’Connor creates Women Business Experts – with coaching, consulting, and advanced marketing strategies to help them build a brand and expand their business. In this presentation, Des will discuss his proven method and specific process that anyone can follow to Become a Recognised Expert in 90 Days – with a series of steps and actionable business advice on how to identify and create your business niche, how to sell your expertise, how to build an audience for your brand, how to find opportunities for public speaking, and much more!

Public speaking is one of the most important components of becoming a recognised expert. Des will explain why public speaking is so important to building your career, and how you can get started by speaking on stage at our next event – or even by speaking abroad at international conferences, retreats, and other professional events!


Business Name: Marketing Automation Expert

Speaking Title: How To Generate More Leads, Customers, Money And Time By Automating The Marketing Of Your Business In 5 Simple Steps

After working in Human Resources for large blue-chip companies, Sarah left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur. She decided she wanted to do something healthy for herself whilst helping other people be fit and healthy too so she set up a Pilates and Nutrition business.

She soon discovered there was a lot to setting up a business, which started her journey into the world of online marketing. This ignited a passion in her she didn’t know she had.

Sarah has invested many thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours in learning the art of automating marketing from some of the best in the industry – Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Rich Schefren in the USA and Nick James, Andy Harrington, Nigel Botterill and Dan Bradbury in the UK.

Sarah founded MarketingAutomationForYou, a marketing automation implementation company, aimed at business owners, who already have a business in place with products or services they already sell and who already have a marketing automation system[s] but aren’t making the most of it OR are thinking about investing in one.

Sarah now helps clients with automating their marketing and teaching them the same strategy, systems and processes she successfully put in place in her own businesses to build them up from scratch.

“If you haven’t got enough clients paying you money using an automated system, you’ve not got a business, you’ve got a job and a stressful, time-consuming one at that” Sarah


Business Name: Clear the Path

Speaking Title: Letting Go in Business

“My passion is to help people around the world face and let go of their emotional baggage through the mechanism of letting go and emotional clearing. This is an ongoing process and only through commitment will we each be able to free ourselves of our past.

I would like to help the world understand that to some degree every individual no matter who or where they are from carries emotional burdens and that it these that inhibit our relationships and distort our perceptions. Once these feelings are faced, embraced and let go of, everything changes”


Business Name: Award Winning Social Media Expert, International Speaker

Speaking Title: How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile And Get Targeted Leads For Free

Sharon Callix is the Number 1 social media expert in the UK and an award-winning social media coach (named Social Media Coach of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants).

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs get bigger audiences on social media, become an authority in their niche, and learn how to make money using social media without having to spend money on advertising. She also offers bespoke consulting services to clients which involves personal training as well as social media management, and provides mentorship to start ups to guide them on their journey by assuring them with coaching and techniques.

Sharon Callix is fully accredited and endorsed by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), the UK’s leading professional organisation for the coaching, training and consulting industry. She provides consulting services for all social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

She has been featured on Sky News as an expert commentator on how to handle abuse on social media, and her clients include the Mayor of London, NHS, BBC, ITV, Ascot, airlines, newspapers, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups, speakers and coaches such as Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, and more.

Sharon also speaks at many events across the world and has toured the UK sharing trade secrets and training others on how to be “social proof” and stay in line with the guidelines of social media.

Sharon was recently nominated Speaker of The Year by the APCTC and was selected as a finalist/runner up.

Sharon is a platinum expert for Ezine Articles and a widely read author who blogs on various platforms about the latest news and updates in social media.

Watch Sharon on Sky News:


Business Name: Niche Marketing Hero

Speaking Title: –

Do you need to find a niche and get a tonne of customers? David is you’re your man. #1 in the Driving School Marketing niche for 10 years…not bad for someone who has never been a driving instructor, oh and if you were wondering if that can by true, his last conference had 268 delegates and 14% of the industry have joined his Facebook group.

David specialises with quick and easy marketing strategies so you can find the customers you need who are willing to pay you a premium price!


Business Name: H&R Training Professionals

Speaking Title : Know Who You are, In A Relationship

An Award-Winning Business Start-Up Trainer and Business Coach and Career Mentor

Margaret Thorli is a successful mumpreneur , author, public speaker, trainer and career mentor for single women and lone parents.

A business owner and executive coach, she creates and facilitates life-long-learning trainer and seminars to advise individuals such as single fathers and young people about freelancing, employment, starting a business and business support. In addition to efficiently obtaining start-up finances for new, established entrepreneurs.

“Championing the voice and worth of single mothers and fathers”

Her aim is to educate, inspire and empower 20,000 single women seeking a relationship and those raising children alone to discover their underlying potential to achieve the lifestyle that they’ve always envisioned. With topics varying from business to effectively guiding kids and budgeting, she will work in partnership with them to boldly walk in the fullness of their destiny without restrictions.

She is the author:

  • Single Mother and the Dating Game: Tips on how to maneuver the Dating Minefield lifts the veil on the issue of single mothers and dating
  • 8 Tips to A Better Relationship: Ideas on how to have a great and loving relationship focuses on conquering fear, lifelong self-defeating habits and negative thoughts that hold the single mother back from reaching their full potential
  • Elephants In my Stomach: feeling the fear, wanting to flee shares how to identify fear and finding the power to prevail in a strategic way

“When you know your value as a single mother/woman you will know who adds or subtracts value to you.”

“When you know who you are, you will know the relationships to maintain and relationships to walk away from.”


Sarah Jones – Published author, speaker, accredited personal & executive coach for people like you – motivated, ambitious and want to grab life with both hands and find what they love to do!

Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Sarah Jones has always been tenacious, entrepreneurial and unafraid to speak her mind. At times being the only woman in the boardroom amongst in international corporations in her early 30s, she is a beacon of strength for leaders and individuals

In Sarah’s former career, she was a leader in corporate affairs but founded Sarah-J Coaching to help individuals and leaders become their personal best in life and in business. She is dubbed the ‘reinvention rebooter’ having helped to pull out individuals from the trenches and into the spotlight through her transformative and action-based coaching approach.

She regularly wades in on topical media issues such as the #MeToo campaign, mental health and wellbeing, and anxiety and issues regarding career moves and career progression in the media and has been featured in the Guardian, The Financial Times, Metro, Daily Express & Daily Mail, and the Chrissy B Show.

Her credentials speak for themselves. She says:

“Born with an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable drive to help others find their happiness, I want to help others turn setback to successes, and become the pilots not passengers in their lives and careers – as I have!”

Her book ‘From Vulnerable to Invincible’ helps readers to identify how to step into their challenges, reframe & learn, to launch themselves to success.   “(For more information visit: https://www.sarah-j.com/fromvulnerabletoinvincible)

Sarah says, “Problems are progress and behind them there are always questions to be answered, and lessons we can learn – if we are willing to listen. Life is a series many chapters and I want to help you find the NEXT in your career – that aligns to who you really are, not who you think you should be.”


Business Name: Certified Fulillment Life Coach & Best Selling Author, Specialising in Business, Empowerment & Leadership

Speaking Title: Get Motivated

Divya LV Jegasundaram is a two time best selling author of 20 Beautiful Women Vol 2, and Coach Wisdom Vol 1, certified fulfillment life coach, mentor senior lecturer and motivational speaker. Divya spent more than 13 years as a successful banker where she became the youngest Bank Manager in the UK at age 21, followed by the youngest Bank Manager in North America at age 25 before gaining her certification as a Fulfillment Life Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach in 2013. She is known internationally for her work and has been both recognized and honored for her career success and service to society. Social work, charity, focus, ambition and a strong personal drive have been inherent qualities that Divya has emulated in all aspects of her social, family and professional life. Different life experiences piqued her interest and passion for helping others to formulate, shape and achieve their goals, dreams and desires, which is how she became the youngest bank manager in both the UK and North America. Her ability to affect others positively is born from a patient and understanding temperament, a strong will, extraordinary drive and a humanity that radiates and embraces those around her.

In 2018, Divya was recognized and given the honour of being an Award Winner of the WIM Canada (Women In Management) Upcoming Entrepreneur Award and the Woman On Fire Business Woman of the Year Award. Divya’s ongoing efforts and support to the Community has helped her quickly be recognized as a young women with an ability to motivate, inspire and empower those she meets and works with.


Business Name: Award-Winning Speaker, Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality, Child Genius (Season 6) Participant, Published Poet and Success Coach.

Speaking Title: It Ain’t YOU S.T.U.P.I.D.

Austėja Neringa is 9 years of age. She is an Award-Winning Speaker, Entrepreneur, Social Media Personality, Child Genius (Season 6) Participant, Published Poet and Success Coach! Austėja has always had a passion for performing, learning, and sharing her talents and ideas with others; she started singing from when she was a baby and started reading in her second year. Austėja has always been extremely inquisitive about life, people and how everything works – she brings a spirit of joyful learning and creative connection to the world around her.

In her work as a motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Austėja seeks to create informative, inspiring and empowering presentations and courses that children and adults of all ages can use to improve their lives – by developing better communication, better self-awareness, stronger relationships and by attaining the confidence and resilience to pursue their dreams in life. She delivers live speaking presentations on stage, interviews inspiring professionals to share their expertise and life lessons and is also a social media personality with an audience of fans all over the world.

Along with her work as an award-winning motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Austėja is pursuing her dream of becoming a professional actress and singer which will enable her to share her gift with as many people as possible, and to bring joy and happiness to each person that encounters her talent. She is a dedicated student and is always working on perfecting her craft, ready for when preparedness and opportunity meet. Austėja Neringa has participated in the UK’s nationally televised competition, Child Genius, where highly gifted youngsters between ages 8 (year 4) and 12 (Year 8) battle it out to be recognised as the UK’s brightest child. She was the youngest contestant in Season 6 of the competition at only 8 years old. Austėja has also appeared in a short film called ‘The Baby’.

Her favourite hobbies after acting and singing is the expression of the body through dance and aerial arts, she also loves to play the recorder and piano. Austėja thoroughly enjoys school and has been a leader on the School Council several times as well as Library, Reading Scheme and P.E. Shed Monitor, a role they created for her as she felt that the P.E. Shed could be rearranged so the equipment could be accessed more quickly – this is just one example of the initiative and creativity that Austėja brings to everyday life.

Austeja is a bright emerging talent in the world of motivational speaking, entrepreneurship and media commentary. She is excited to see where her career takes her next – with a growing audience of clients, fans and supporters all over the world.


Business Name: Butterfly Me

Speaking Title: How To Turn Setbacks Into Opportunities

Caroline Emile is a happiness & fulfilment coach and author, passionate about inspiring and empowering disenchanted career professionals to create lives they absolutely love through reconnecting with their authentic selves and clarifying their soul purpose.

She professionally trained as a Co-Active Coach at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London after working for almost a decade in marketing communications across various industries in the UK and Middle East, yet became more dissatisfied at her core as she progressed in her corporate career. Caroline seized the opportunity of a redundancy from her ‘dream job’ (that turned out to be highly toxic) to finally embrace her innate passion to support others to live more consciously.

She has co-authored “Voices of Hope” (launching in mid-2019) and is a contributor for Thrive Global and The Huff Post.


Business Name: Simply Sisterhood

Speaking Title: How To Create the Ultimate Feminine Lifestyle Business

Lucie is a dynamic and highly personable leader, leading by example as a dedicated mum with 3 small children who is committed to her own personal growth through daily practice and her own life experience. She is passionate about female leadership and pioneering the role of women in the future.

With a background in HR and Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming teaching and a former Relationship coach, Lucie is highly qualified in Human Potential, personal relationships and masculine and feminine dynamics.

She leads and mentors women through her Simply Sisterhood community and The Feminine Freedom Movement, helping thousands of women to live a full live that is full of passion, pleasure and progress.

As well as giving a direct platform and a business opportunity to women who want to lead their own tribe of successful women, through the licensing of the Simply Sisterhood (which is currently going through rapid expansion throughout the UK), she also mentors her own private clients to greater entrepreneurial success doing it the ‘Feminine Way’

Lucie says #yestolife and is a fun loving advocate of women who is an inspirational example of a leader living life to the max, despite – and often because of – numerous personal challenges.

She’s a woman to watch for sure 😉


Business Name:  Abicord

Speaking Title: Ten Minutes To Change Your Life And Your Wealth

Graham is a chartered psychologist, personal and executive coach, development trainer, CEO of Abicord and Abicord Consulting and founder of the Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (AAACTT).

Abicord provides trainings on Personal Development, Stress Resilience, Leadership, Relating to Others, Team Effectiveness and Presentation Skills to organisations and individuals. Graham is the prime developer of Acceptance Action Training, now provided under the name Positive Mind Training, a highly accredited personal development and effectiveness training, later enhanced by teams at ExxonMobil and the University of London. The training has been provided to tens of thousands of individual and organisational clients.

Graham is a qualified coach and has helped hundreds of executives and others to improve their work and personal lives and to achieve their goals.

Graham is a Chartered Psychologist. He is the developer of Acceptance Action Therapy (AAT), an enhanced form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As a practicing member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), he and his company provide consultancy services to adults, children, couples, families, executives, organisations and the courts.

Graham is the founder of AAACTT, an association for coaches, therapists and trainers who incorporate, or seek to incorporate, acceptance action tools in their services and to promote those services to potential clients.


Business Name:  Eloise Burton Ltd

Speaking Title: Fearlessly Feminine Leaders


Business Name:  Power of Success Ltd

Speaking Title: Think Your Way To Success

Aslam Cheval started his career as a tradesman in the clothes manufacturing industry in Pakistan, before coming to London. He set up a successful retail business and then developed a large property portfolio. But the road to his success was not easy, During his journey Aslam had many setbacks. But he was not the person who gives up and instead embarked on a journey to find out why he was not achieving his full potential. Change needed to come from within.

Aslam was lucky to learn from the crème-de-la-crème of personal development. He did his coaching program from Bob Proctor and later on also did Jack Canfield Train the Trainer program and then went on to become Master Practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy.

With a proven track record that demonstrates Aslam’s capability to inspire confidence and empower his clients with tools so that his clients can conquer all life’s challenges.


Business Name:

Speaking Title:

Jeffy Wong was labelled as disabled after he survived brain tumour surgery, which left him with cognitive impairment and subsequent depression. He lost his friends and his job as a credit controller. After a long period of rehabilitation, he became inspired to write a book called “Reduce Mental Health Stigma in the Workplace” after he learnt the Clubhouse Model and Transitional Employment Program, and also became a Champion of Time to Change, England’s biggest campaign to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.


“Jeffy has provided a courageous and frank account of his journey of recovery from serious ill- health. He provides a compelling and clear case for employers to employ people living with mental ill-health with a win-win-win solution.”

– Martin Dives, Board Member of Clubhouse International

“Congratulations Jeffy! I read this with 21 years of experience of the clubhouse model, but that didn’t stop my heart racing and my face smiling as I worked my way through the book and heard all the positive messages and evidence of the efficacy of the model as told by members. This is a bold step forward and we’re all with you all the way, here’s to more TEPs for more members!”

– Maresa Ness, Chief Executive of Mosaic Clubhouse

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