Des O’Connor

Des O’Connor creates Women Business Experts – with coaching, consulting, and advanced marketing strategies to help them build a brand and expand their business. In this presentation, Des will discuss his proven method and specific process that anyone can follow to Become a Recognised Expert in 90 Days – with a series of steps and actionable business advice on how to identify and create your business niche, how to sell your expertise, how to build an audience for your brand, how to find opportunities for public speaking, and much more!

Public speaking is one of the most important components of becoming a recognised expert. Des will explain why public speaking is so important to building your career, and how you can get started by speaking on stage at our next event – or even by speaking abroad at international conferences, retreats, and other professional events!

Sarah Ross

Business Name: Your Reason to Breathe

Speaking Title: How to Reset, Recharge and Thrive after Burnout, by Finding Your Reason to Breathe.

As the founder of “Your Reason to Breathe”, Sarah uses her own experiences with Burnout and Depression to help others avoid the dark place that she found herself in when she left the corporate world. She founded Your Reason to Breathe as a way to show those burning out at work that there are easy steps that can help turn the dark and depressing into an empowered and fulfilling life.

Whilst volunteering at an orphanage for disabled children in Vietnam, Sarah found not only her own Reason to Breathe but a wealth of business and life lessons in the everyday activities with the children. She attributes her own recovery from Burnout to learning how to prioritize herself over work and that smiling and laughter were powerful remedies to fight the negativity of burning out. Her unique experiences whilst volunteering give her valuable insights into resilient leadership and team dynamics that all organizations can benefit from.

With an international career of nearly 20 years in Compliance, Ethics, and Process Improvement, Sarah combines a wealth of business experience with the unique business lessons she learnt through volunteering and her own recovery from Burnout to help businesses retain and supporting their top talent whilst still delivering on the bottom line. Sarah now works with private clients, as well as corporate executives and their teams, to help them strengthen their own resilience and thrive.

Sarah is an International Award-Winning Speaker, being named “Iconic Woman creating a Better World for All” by WEF in 2017. She was also given an “OUTstanding Lives – Inspiration” award in 2016.

Sarah co-authored “Activate Your Life”, which launched in October 2018 and is an Amazon #1 International Bestseller. You can find out more here:

Shukeel A Chohan

Business Name: Speaker, Coach, Trainer, Host, Master Sales Coach, Events Marketing

Speaking Title: Speakers Are Influencers

Shukeel has worked with some of the biggest speakers in the world and is currently working with the Tony Robbins team at Success Resources. He’s deeply passionate about person development and is committed to putting Birmingham and the West Midlands region on the map as a global centre of excellence.

He cut his teeth in the financial services sector where he accumulated almost 25 years of experience in business. In recent years he’s been prolific as a speaker and coach specialising in sales and business strategy. He’s also the head trainer for the Midlands region for Public Speaking Academy, a major Public Speaking and Communications agency. Shukeel is also chairman of Yes Group West Midlands, part of Yes Group Worldwide the oldest and largest personal development organisation in the UK where he features top international speakers every month in Birmingham. He’s proud of his city and wants to make a lasting impact, but more importantly he wants to enable thousands of other people to step up and claim their space and their greatness through the power of personal development and public speaking. Get ready to be energised with his unique, inspirationa, and dynamic performance on stage.

Jacqueline Gold

Business Name: The Fit Economist

Speaking Title: Intentional Living for your Best Life; Making it Happen

Graham W Price

Business Name: Abicord

Speaking Title: Ten Minutes To Change Your Life And Your Wealth

Graham is a chartered psychologist, personal and executive coach, development trainer, CEO of Abicord and Abicord Consulting and founder of the Association for Acceptance Action Coaching, Therapy and Training (AAACTT).

Abicord provides trainings on Personal Development, Stress Resilience, Leadership, Relating to Others, Team Effectiveness and Presentation Skills to organisations and individuals. Graham is the prime developer of Acceptance Action Training, now provided under the name Positive Mind Training, a highly accredited personal development and effectiveness training, later enhanced by teams at ExxonMobil and the University of London. The training has been provided to tens of thousands of individual and organisational clients.

Graham is a qualified coach and has helped hundreds of executives and others to improve their work and personal lives and to achieve their goals.

Graham is a Chartered Psychologist. He is the developer of Acceptance Action Therapy (AAT), an enhanced form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). As a practicing member of the British Psychological Society (BPS) and accredited member of the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP), he and his company provide consultancy services to adults, children, couples, families, executives, organisations and the courts.

Graham is the founder of AAACTT, an association for coaches, therapists and trainers who incorporate, or seek to incorporate, acceptance action tools in their services and to promote those services to potential clients.

Elizabeth Chan

Business Name: 

Speaking Title: 

Desi Tahiraj

Business Name: Certified Success Principles Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Executive.

Speaking Title: Building a High Performance Culture

After working in Law office Tirana City Hall, and in Human Resources for a very prestigious Institution Columbia University. Desi left her loving Institution to become an entrepreneur. She decided to take the next step on quest to help her home institution and many other organizations, and entrepreneurs to achieve greatness with passion and purpose. In other words, to live “On Fire” without Burning Out”

Due to significant early challenges in her own life, Desi Tahiraj has always been passioned to help others, and have invested many hundred thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in learning the art of Transformational Trainer to create lasting positive change in the people’s lives with her unique knowledge of human behavior and beauty. She learned from the best in the industry – Jack Canfield, Mary Morrissey, Landmark, John Assaraf, Kevin Harrington, Christian Mickelsen, Bob Practor, Nataly Ledwell; ExecuNet.Inc, Navara Business School, Peter Bregman, Jeff Hyman, Steve Harrison, Sai Blackbyrn, Smith College, LinkedIn, IAW (International Association of Women)

In 2010 and 2011 Desi was recognized and given Award for Distinguished Service in Management at Columbia University. She is recognized with an ability to motivate, inspire, and empower those she meets and works with her. She is a Member of ExecuNet.Inc, IAW (International Association of Women), The Marquis Who’s Who member. Donor of St. Jude Children Hospital, in process of writing her Book “The impact of Heavenly Feelings”

Carol Edmondson

Business Name: Natural Health and Wellness Advocate

Speaking Title: How to Biohack Your Biology and Achieve Your Health Goals

Carol Edmondson is a walking testimony of how to bio hack your biology and is on a mission to

changing lives by educating and pointing people to the tools for vibrant health and vitality.

She embarked on this journey through personal health challenges running in her and her family’s life. This is her passion and her why, leading her to start her online natural health business bringing natural health solutions through activation and supplementation.

Carol also runs Cannabis workshops – “Bringing hope, not dope”!

As well as her natural health business, she also has designs on a mistress of ceremonies.

Vivienne Joy

Business Name: She-Enjoys Business (A brand of EnjoyAbility Training & Coaching Ltd)

Speaking Title: Your Beliefs Rule Everything… Learn How To Identify And Change Them To Get On In Life

Your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and success all stem from beliefs that have been created from your life to date. Your past.

A higher power of authority has influenced your thinking, thoughts and feelings at a point in time and you created a set of beliefs, which are now ‘often unconsciously’ your ‘rule book for life’.

This is all well and good… Unless the belief you created isn’t actually true! If you are running limiting or disabling beliefs about yourself and the world/people around you, it can ruin your life, create anxiety, stress, sabotage behaviours and sometimes worse.

Come along to this talk by Vivienne Joy, world-class ‘Provocative Transformation Coach’, upcoming Author, motivational speaker, NLP Master, NLP Trainer and MasterCoach. She helps people like you to breakthrough their own issues by finding and updating their negative and destructive beliefs – creating life changing transformation.

You will learn how and why you have created this reality for yourself and learn ‘easy self-coaching tools’ to start to master your mind, hush negative self-talk and bullying, and halt self-sabotage behaviours.

Not to be missed!

Kelly Walker

Business Name: International Speaker, Podcaster and Coach for Female Entrepreneurs

Speaking Title: Your Beliefs Rule Everything… Learn How To Identify And Change Them To Get On In Life

Kelly Walker is an international speaker, podcaster, and coach for female entrepreneurs. She is also known as the queen of manifesting. Her specialty is teaching people how to find and replace the negative programming in their subconscious mind that keeps them from showing up at 100%.

Clients experience greater confidence, increased visibility, and a stream of new customers.

She especially loves taking clients and followers on theme cruises for intensive trainings and exciting adventures.

Kelly has been married for 23 years and is a mom to a teenage boy and 3 fur babies.

Marijana Popovic

Business Name: Mum Entrepreneur LTD

Speaking Title: 

Marijana is a qualified lecturer of Special Education Needs Students, who have worked with colleges throughout the UK and helped students choose appropriate career paths. Marijana has found freedom from 9 to 5 by starting an online business with no products of her own. Marijana also a dedicated mum committed to her own personal growth through daily practice and her own life experience. Marijana is passionate about mums leadership and pioneering the role of women in the future.

During her studies Marijana joined a network marketing company; unfortunately, she could not cope and needed a break from it all; she found that respite in a teaching opportunity in London while finishing several courses to expand her knowledge and profile. During her teaching career, she has also completed several courses: Internet Diploma course, Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Facebook course. As part of her education, she was learning British Sign Language.

Marijana enjoys books and courses that enhance mindset and self-development.

When Marijana had her daughter she decided not to go back to work and stay with daughter as much as she can. This was all possible for her with a Step by step Mini – Course Training Series that showed her how to create a successful online business with no product of her own. She was determinate, dedicated and committed to achieving the highest level of results not only for herself also for her daughter. She benefited tremendously from work on personal development and she made a great success in my career.

Marijana a co-author of a book TIME TO RISE. It is her life story and her personal message about how women can embrace motherhood while pursuing a business. Her story is among a select group of heart-inspired change-makers like her, who have decided that now is their time to rise, to share and to shine so that the world becomes a happier, healthier place. Click on this link to read more about the book.

To succeed in this business all that is needed is a laptop with an internet connection, the ability to follow directions, a dedicated work ethic and patience as nothing worth building happens overnight. These experiences and the education she has thought have fuelled her desire to share her expertise and knowledge to help as many people as possible break down the barriers that hinder their success.

Helen Girling

Business Name: Connect 4 Security Limited

Speaking Title: Be Safe, Be Protected, Be Connected

Helen Girling is Director and Co-founder of Connect 4 Security, a successful national provider of monitored home security systems. Helen is committed to protecting people and their properties, from the very real threat of domestic burglary, fire and smoke risk, as well as medical emergencies in the home.

The company ethos is a genuine ‘customer-focus’ approach, where the needs of the customer is met via experienced professional advice, recommendation and the expert technical implementation of reliable security technology. Helen knows the importance of having security provisions in place…and that is before it is too late. Victims of such incidents will secure their home only after something bad has happened and only with hindsight, become aware of the risk. Connect 4 Security fully understands that preventative home protection measures is foresight; and in today’s uncertain world, with very good reason.

The alarm industry is hugely male dominated but despite this, Helen has broken through the ‘glass ceiling’ with her company out-performing many more established companies in the sector. Her desire to make an impact in the industry and her steadfast refusal to allow her gender to be an obstacle toward her goal, has propelled Helen into a highly respected owner and leader of this dynamic and well-respected home security provider.

Helen’s passion for excellence has influenced her management style and has inspired hundreds of people that she has personally trained over a 30-year career. Known to be a superb and personable communicator, Helen’s unique approach to ‘Connecting’ with every staff member, very much influences her company’s approach to superb customer care. Often heard quoting the timeless wisdom of successful leaders both past and present, Helen considers it vital to invest in her staff’s development for her employees to benefit from, both inside and outside of the work place.

Helen’s leadership approach is caring and inspiring, believing it is a management duty to understand staff at a deeper level and help them fulfil their potential. This can be summed up with her unique view on leadership- “…my staff don’t work for me, I work for them; so they can achieve their goals and flourish as human beings…” With more exciting times ahead for her fast growing company installing and maintaining comprehensive monitored alarms and CCTV, Helen reminds people to “…know the value of your uniqueness, give yourself permission to truly live and love your life”.