(14 Seats Only)

Upgrade Your Free Ticket to “VIP” For just £27 and Get These Amazing “VIP” Bonuses:

  • VIP front row seating in all sessions

  • VIP lunch with Des O’Connor

  • VIP SECRET WORKSHOP on “How to Become an Expert in 90 Days” and be the first to be considered to speak at our upcoming events in the UK and also International opportunities

  • Exclusive Q&A with Des O’Connor

  • Digital Bonus gifts worth £500

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VIP Seating: (14 Seats Only)

Get closer to the action and get more involved by getting one of the 25 reserved VIP seats.

VIP Lunch:

Join Des during the lunch break for some food with the other VIPs – this is a great place to make important business connections and possibly arrange some joint venture deals.

Exclusive Q&A:

During your VIP lunch you’ll get the chance to ask Des questions in person on the things you need most help with, and get his professional advice on how to become an expert very quickly, how to speak on stage at our upcoming events and also international speaking opportunities, and how to tackle your most pressing business challenges.

Up-close access like this is usually only available to Des’s high-paying private clients – and you’ll get it for a tiny fraction of the price!

Yes I want to upgrade my ticket to VIP for just £27
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