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I am Pleased and Honoured to Have Special Guest Speaker and BBC TV Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’ Rachel Elnaugh Joining Us For the Next Women In Business Conference on March 24 in London!

Holiday Inn London – Kensington High St. Wrights Ln, Kensington, London W8 5SP, UK
(Nearest Tube Station – High Street Kensington)
8.30 am – 6 pm

To have such a prominent celebrity woman in business joining us at this conference – after only 17 months of hosting these Women In Business events – is an amazing achievement and it’s a testament to the successful community that EVERYONE who attends our events has helped to create!

Rachel Elnaugh is a wonderful, inspiring entrepreneur and mentor, and I’m so excited to hear what she has to share with us on March 24! This is going to be our MOST empowering, MOST packed-out, MOST value-added Women In Business event EVER.

If you are interested in improving your business, changing your career, and quickly being recognised as a business expert, then I can guarantee you that I am the only person who provides all of this for you – I have a special passion and expertise for Creating Women Business Experts, Inspiring Them to Lead, and Empowering Them to Speak On Stage!

I launched Des O’Connor’s Women in Business events on September 30th 2017 (only 17 months ago). After extensive research and interviews with seminar organisers, I realised that there was a big problem in our industry: there was a lack of women speakers and limited opportunities for women speakers in a male-dominated arena. I took it upon myself to help address this unmet demand by opening up bigger opportunities for women to speak on stage – and working with women directly to build businesses and expand their brands by becoming recognised experts.

Since then, the success of Women In Business has grown faster than I could have dreamed! I have held 4 events of this kind, where over 800 people have attended, with over 70 speakers (from the UK and abroad) – this is in addition to my previous Dating and Relationship Conference (Helping Singles and Couples Find Love and Build Stronger Relationships) where another 20 speakers spoke on stage.

I have a special passion for connecting women (and men) with public speaking opportunities. As a long-time professional speaker, speaking on stage has been one of the most fun and valuable ways that I have experienced to build my own business and expand my brand – there’s simply nothing else like it if you want to get recognised as an expert and want to share your expertise and speak your convictions in a powerful way. I have provided speaking opportunities for some women (and men) for the first time, however, beyond the emphasis on public speaking, I also wanted to provide a complete “business in a box” to help business experts get established: ranging from logo design, web, branding and selling products and services along with Facebook Live interviews and other social media marketing strategies.

I wanted to raise women’s confidence by providing consultations, strategic business coaching, and introducing them to speaking opportunities in the UK and internationally. There are so many talented and influential and inspiring women who sometimes just need a bit of additional encouragement, support, or networking help to open doors for them to speak on stage.

Another way that I help my clients is by showing them how to host professional “launch events” to introduce new products or launch their new brand or sell copies of their new book (becoming an author is also an ideal way to build a platform for business credibility – I recently became a bestselling author when I book I contributed to, “Coach Wisdom,” reached #1 on Amazon!). I want more women business experts to have professional video show reels to promote themselves as expert speakers, not only in the UK but also internationally – and I want to connect my clients and community with more international speaking opportunities in 2019 and beyond. (I am an international speaker: in addition to the UK I have spoken in the USA, Dubai, Romania, and Egypt, with more plans underway…)

I also want to recognise another special guest at our March 24 show: she is a wonderful, talented, inspiring young person – actress, published poet, singer, motivational speaker, and emerging social media star named Austéja Neringa! Please join me in welcoming Austéja to the stage on March 24; I’m so excited to introduce you to her, and we’ll be proud to see where she goes next in her career.

This also leads me to launch my next new exciting project: “Des O’Connor High Heels!” I have an interest in fashion, and I want to provide a special design of shoe that no one in the world is providing…

My catwalk audition will take place on November 23 in the evening after my London Women in Business Conference – so this will be a wonderful combined event for anyone who loves business or fashion or who is interested in being part of a supportive, successful event for our community of entrepreneurs and career-minded professionals!

Would you like to be a guest speaker with me in 2019? Opportunities this year (and into 2020) include the following events:

  • March 24, 2019 (London) – Women In Business with Rachel Elnaugh:

    There are still a few speaker slots remaining for this event! Don’t delay – contact me TODAY if you’re interested.

  • May 19, 2019 (London) – How to Get FREE Leads Using Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram AND How to Become an Expert, Speak on Stage in the UK and Internationally:

    This is a combined event with a full day of fantastic social media marketing strategies along with learning how to launch your brand as a recognised business expert, and get connected with professional speaking opportunities. Click here for more information.

  • August 4, 2019 (Birmingham) – Women In Business Conference:

    We are taking the Women In Business conference on the road to Brum – still finalising the exact date and location. Join us as we expand the success of Women In Business to the West Midlands. Learn more about this Birmingham event!

  • September 22, 2019 (London) – How Authors Can Be Paid As They Sleep Conference :

    One of the best ways for business experts to make money and build a platform is by becoming authors. But what if I could teach you additional strategies to make money from every chapter of your book – from readers worldwide – by “getting paid as you sleep” with passive income? Sound intriguing?? Come learn more about these exciting strategies and hear from our fantastic guest speakers. Learn more here! We are also looking for authors to share their amazing stories and insights on stage

  • Des O’Connor’s High Heels Catwalk Audition and Women In Business Conference (London):

    If you have an eye for fashion AND love entrepreneurship, this is the event for you! We will have a full day conference planned for you with more the same sort of inspiring and insight-packed Women In Business educational speakers, ALONG WITH a special presentation related to my new venture, Des O’Connor’s High Heels. Have you ever wanted to do a turn on the catwalk as a fashion footwear model? Now is your opportunity! Learn more here!

  • February 8-9, 2020 (London) – Dating and Relationship Conference (WEEKEND) :

    Back by overwhelming popular demand! We are going to do ANOTHER Dating and Relationship Conference to help people find love and build stronger relationships – but we’re going for an entire weekend! Save the date and mark your calendars for February 2020 because you won’t want to miss this wonderful weekend event! WE ALSO ARE LOOKING FOR 30 SPEAKERS TO SPEAK AT THIS AMAZING WEEKEND EVENT.


  • June 6, 2020 (London) – Des O’Connor’s High Heels Launch: 

    Be there for the start of my new fashion footwear brand! More details to be announced. Save the date for now, and learn more here!

I’m Looking for Guest Speakers, Sponsors, Judges and Exhibitors for ALL of These Events!

If You Want to Speak on Stage, Build Your Brand, Expand Your Audience, Get High-Quality Business Leads, Become a Bigger Part of a Warm and Welcoming Community, and Also HAVE LOADS OF FUN, then

Please visit here to learn more and apply to be a guest speaker!

“I want to bring you abroad with me! I have confirmed multiple international speaking opportunities and I want to bring a team to tour with me. More details will be announced, but I have contacts and opportunities to share with you throughout the UK and in other countries such as the U.S., Australia, and more!”

– Des O’Connor

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