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Des O’Connor is an Award-Winner & Founder of Social Media Marketing & Women in Business Events, Entrepreneur & International Speaker

Founder of Social Media Marketing Events and Association for Social Media Managers, Des O’Connor’s Women in Business, Award-Winning Relationship Coach, Business Consultant and International Speaker.

Des O’Connor’s new project is “Des O’Connor’s Women in Business Super Conference” which Empowers Women to be Successful in business on September 24th in London.

He is also a social media consultant and founder of Social Media Marketing Events which helps Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Discover Actionable Insights and Practical Advice to Use Social Media to Expand Their Audience, Find Qualified Customers, and Accelerate Their Business Growth

He shows people how to use social media and online marketing tools to build relationships, deliver educational content, and create communities and networking opportunities. Des started his career as a relationship coach, and won the 2013 award for Relationship Coach of the Year from the Association for Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC).

Expanding on his work as a relationship-builder and community creator, Des now offers corporate training and business coaching and consulting in social media marketing and webinar marketing. Des is the first consultant in the UK to offer workshops and coaching on how to host live and automated webinars that expand audiences, find new customers and boost sales. He has produced a series of sold-out seminars and online courses with top industry experts on social media marketing.

An in-demand guest speaker and media commentator, Des O’Connor has served as a seminar leader and presenter on social media marketing for business events such as Exposure Events business expos, the Business Growth Show, the Digital Sales, Marketing & Technology Expo, and the YES Group. He also plans to work with the Association for Social Media Managers (ASMM) to launch the social media industry’s first globally recognized professional accreditation in social media marketing, and will provide exciting speaking opportunities on stage at his seminars for ASMM members who want to take their business to a larger audience. Des also offers training to help social media consultants market their services to corporate clients.



Inspirational Leader of Damsels in Success and The Feminine Freedom Movement

Lucie is a dynamic and highly personal leader, leading by example as a dedicated mum with 3 small children who is committed to her own personal growth through daily practice and her own life experience. She is passionate about female leadership and pioneering the role of women in the future. With a background in HR and Training, Neuro Linguistic Programming teaching and a former Relationhip coach, Lucie is highly qualified in Human Potential, personal relationships and masculine and feminine dynamics. She leads and mentors women through her Damsels in Success community and The Feminine Freedom Movement, helping thousands of women to live a full live that is full of passion, pleasure and progress. As well as giving direct leadership and business opportunities to women who want to lead their own tribe of successful women, through the licensing of the Damsels in Success brand. There are currently over 10 groups around the country with more being added all the time. Lucie says #yestolife and is a fun loving advocate of women who is an inspirational example of a leader living life to the max, despite – and often because of – numerous personal challenges.

Title of Talk : Your Feminine Freedom Awaits


Sharon Callix is an award-winning social media coach , by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants.

Sharon helps companies and entrepreneurs get bigger audiences on social media, become an authority in their niche and show you how to make money using social media without having to spend money on advertising.

The importance of your content, being trusted on line is also an area of expertise.

Sharon Callix is fully accredited and endorsed by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC), the UK’s leading professional organisation for the coaching, training and consulting industry. She provides consulting, mentoring and social media management services for social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sharon has been featured on Sky News as an expert commentator on how to handle abuse on social media, she has run campaigns for The NHS, BBC, and her clients range from newspapers, solo entrepreneurs and start-ups. Sharon has run several social media campaigns for established Air lines, Speakers & Coaches, Paul Mckenna, RichardBandler, ITV, Local Authorities, to name a few.

She also speaks at many events across the world and has toured the UK sharing trade secrets and training others on how to be social proof and stay in line with the guidelines of social media.

Sharon was recently nominated Speaker of The Year and was a finalist. She was runner up.

Sharon is a platinum Expert Author and blogs on many platforms on the latest news and updates in social media.

Title of Talk : How to Get Facebook Leads and Clients Without Spending Any Money.


Drive and determination, combined with leadership skills, have made Nikki Maharaj a great success in her career and in several other endeavors.

Nikki, a qualified teacher of economics and business, has worked with universities throughout the UK, helping advanced, brilliant students choose appropriate career paths. Her success as an educator helped her move up to senior management, and she served on the Strategic Management team for many years and eventually decided to share her skills with as many people as possible.

Nikki is also a property investor and owns several real estates in the UK. She has completed several courses with Progressive Property and Progressive VIP. Ever seeking to expand her knowledge and her profile, she is currently involved in projects with developers. As part of her education, she also completed an Internet diploma course through Internet Business School and is part of their VIP coaching group.

Nikki was born in Durban, South Africa. Her forefathers were recruited by the British as indentured laborers from India and Nepal in the 1800s. She grew up in a disadvantaged situation and witnessed much suffering among the black and brown people during the apartheid era. Based on her own experiences, she wanted to make a difference. She detested the prevalent discrimination in schools and via the Group Areas Act that limited where people could live based on their ethnic background. When she qualified as a teacher, she taught economics and business to middle- and lower- income students and joined the struggle to put an end to the horrors of apartheid. She spent many years with leaders, exposing the struggle to the rest of the world, and only after years of protests and boycotts did she see her idol, Nelson Mandela, set free. She wanted to imbibe his great qualities and had a burning desire to help those who suffer from low self-confidence and feelings of unworthiness, especially those who have suffered from years of oppression.

Nikki moved to Cape Town and taught in places like Gugulethu and Khayalitsha, notorious black communities with a poor reputation. She found it heartbreaking to see people living in slums due to the legislation of the Group Areas Act. Nikki struggled financially and joined a network marketing company, and her popularity soared. She built a network of around 600 people and ranked as the top distributor for many years. Unfortunately, she could not cope with her failed relationship and needed a break from it all; she found that respite in a teaching opportunity in London. Within two weeks of being offered the job, she packed a suitcase and left, then spent years in London, trying to find herself again. She benefited tremendously from her work on personal development. She is an avid reader and enjoys books and courses that enhance mindset and self-development. These experiences and the education she has sought have fueled her desire to share her expertise and knowledge to help as many people as possible break down the barriers that hinder their success.

Despite her academic and professional qualifications, Nikki has never stopped learning and continues to study the biographies of the great legends of this era. Her motivation to write her own book came from an event of Black Card Books publishers. She instantly resonated with Gerry Roberts and, through his Instant Author Program, published her very first book.

Greatness Is Your Birthright is a strong message to those who feel alone and abandoned by life, an urge to reboot and take back control.

Title of Talk : Traits of a Good Leader



Viola Edward is Venezuelan, having emigrated with her family at the age of 13 from Lebanon. Love moved her to Cyprus in 2002.

Viola is an international speaker and author, who has published two books: “Breathing the Rhythm of Success” in 1999 and “Who Makes the Bed?” in 2017.
She is Psychotherapist-Coach specialising in Relationships and Breathwork-Coaching Training, Business Clarity and Colour-Image consultancy.

Viola has worked with thousands of people, using her practical methods to help them unlock the infinite possibilities hidden in each of them and find the courage to start their own journey to achieve their full potential.

Viola is the Creator of Feminine Capital Rhythm which has two pillars.

The first, a programme, designed for women to re-discover themselves, their rhythm and power in order to balance the light and the shadow of their feminine and masculine energies and bring this equilibrium to their families, colleagues and communities.

The second, an international forum presenting speakers & panels on different areas of life to empower women to embrace their femininity and men their masculinity and break free to create a more sustainable society. The forum gives inspirational awards to outstanding people, and the first successful event was in Cyprus last May, the Feminine Capital Forum also migrates successfully to different cities around the world.
Viola works in English, Spanish & Arabic. She is also the creator of the Alchemy of Emotions program and book in process.

Title of Talk : Feminine Capital Rhythm



Jonathan pfahl is the Founder and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies. Rockstar is the UKs largest resource centre for entrepreneurs and investors featuring its own sales outsource team, digital marketing company, high profile mentor access as well as its own crowd fund and law firm. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Jonathan set up Rockstar in 2007 with the goal to help clients build wealth as that is his passion. An engaging and passionate speaker, do make sure to attend his workshop

Title of Talk : Empowering you to follow your passion whilst building wealth.

Summary: In this value filled workshop, Jonathan – who is the founder of the Rockstar Group – will be sharing the key tips (all through real life examples) on how women in careers or who own their own business are able to build profit centres around their passi


Sejal Laila Shah – International Relationship Success Coach

Single Mother Entrepreneur

Sejal Laila Shah has been coaching for a number of years, having her own business called 3rd eye healing and Beauty – Sejal’s expertise was a Reiki Master as she obtained a Degree Reiki is a healing process to remove negative and align all the Chakra.

Sejal’s clients would usually speak about their personal problems of suffering from break-ups, low esteem and confidence and she would coach her clients through this to arrive at a positive place in their life..

Sejal decided to make this into her career and is now an International Relationship Success Coach and she can talk five languages which can help with her foreign clients

She also has a degree in Travel & Tourism and worked for Gulf Air for many years and travelled all over the world and by working in finance she applies her coaching skills with borrowers unable to pay their mortgages.

Sejal is a single mother with a son of 11yrs old and originally from Kenya so she knew she would have many obstacles to face in her life and her goal is to help people to improve their lives all over the world.

Title of Talk : Single Mum to Entrepreneur



Judith is a vocal confidence specialist with a difference. While many public speaking coaches focus on ‘speaking from stage’ and ‘speaking to sell’,  Judith focuses on connecting you to yourself, before you communicate with others.

She also passionately believes that ALL speaking is ‘public’ speaking – her work is not just for those who are going to be speaking from a stage, but for all areas of life, personal and professional. After all, it’s the same nerves that effect a person on a first date, as when raising their hand in a team meeting to share an opinion, or when networking, delivering a presentation or, indeed, a speech – whether that be at a conference or a wedding.

Judith has created Your Whole Voice, a vocal-liberation method for high-purpose leaders, emerging leaders, and entrepreneurs that creates greater connection to self and others.

By combining her expertise and experience as a classically trained actress, qualified coach and working with sound energy, Judith focuses on the four key areas of brain, body, breath and energy. This creates powerful results for her clients, mentally, physically and emotionally; enhancing their awareness of what restricts them from fully expressing themselves and re-connecting them to who they really are and to the passion behind their purpose.

Judith gave her first international talk this year, at the Global Woman Summit in Albania: the response of hugs and thanks she got from women in the audience only enhanced her passion to help people speak from their heart with the clarity, confidence and conviction of the power of their whole voice.

Title of Talk : How to Connect to Your Whole Self, to Speak With Your Whole Voice

Bonus Lunchtime Workshop Session : “Sounding Confident” Expand Your Range and Feel Your Voice Vibration.



“The Harley Street Stress Expert” Stress Xpress Speaker, Educator, Mentor

Caroline Heward “The Harley Street Stress Expert”. Specialist in relationship and intimacy issues for professional couples and individuals. Achieving massive results for clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. Conducts break-through sessions for her clients.

Caroline provides her private and corporate clients with FAST solutions for stress and identifies the root cause for specific stress related issues which manifest in the body physically, emotionally, mentally and behaviourally.

Caroline, “The Harley Street Stress Expert” and Intimacy Mentor and Educator.

She achieves powerful results for her clients, which directly impact their relationships, careers, working life and the business bottom line. Profound results for clients suffering from bereavement issues.

Caroline has over 16 years of management, sales and networking experience.

She is an Expert in “Networking Psychology” and a passionate and inspiring speaker. She is a chartered marketer and was Vice Chairman for the Chartered Institute of Marketing, London Branch in 2002.

Caroline managed the Flagship 1230 TWC ladies monthly lunch networking group in Mayfair in 2005 for four years. And chaired the weekly BRX Bond Street Breakfast Group, in 2005 taking it to become the flagship group of the national organisation – with a waiting list to join!

Diploma certified in 2002, in bio energy chakra balancing energy healing and quantum physics, quantum mechanics and working with kundalini meditation breath work, and Chakra psychology,

Caroline was a wellbeing columnist for “Brand New You”, a nationally distributed magazine in 2007 and regularly interviewed on satellite radio and TV.

Caroline is a Certified Trainer and an expert in behavioural change, the psychology of human behaviour and communication. She is a licenced Avatar Master. Caroline is also a Chartered Marketer, graduating in 1995.

Caroline’s background in health and wellbeing started in 1988 when she joined the pioneering Holland & Barrett health food chain, at the beginning of the healthy living revolution as a manager, turning the worst performing store, to become top store of the national company.

Title of Talk : Why Women Collaborate and Men Compete! “The Inner Battle of the Sexes”



UK’s No. 1 Pitching Expert, 5 X Award-Winning Business Mentor, CEO National Mentoring Day, Founder ‘Broadcasting Your Business’

Chelsey is the founder of ‘Broadcasting Your Business’ – the pitch, press & publicity programme. Having successfully mentored hundreds of businesses and with over 20 years’ experience working in PR, media, sales and marketing; Chelsey is well known for her results in helping businesses raise their profile and increase their sales.

Having won five awards in recognition for her mentoring work including “Business Mentor of the Year” awarded by Start Your Business magazine, Chelsey is recognised as one of the UK’s leading business mentors.

Chelsey founded ‘National Mentoring Day’ to celebrate mentoring and recognise the invaluable contribution that mentoring makes to education, enterprise and society. The national day has received widespread support from high profile brands, businesses, celebrities, press and government officials.

Chelsey is passionate about helping others achieve success. Speaking from experience Chelsey has featured extensively in the national media as a leading entrepreneur, launching her own SKY TV channel, floating the company on the stock market and generating over £1.5 million pounds worth of National Press coverage.

Known as the UK’s No 1 pitching expert, Chelsey has judged over 1000 business pitches and works with entrepreneurs and companies to maximise their chances of receiving investment, making their business more attractive and fundable to investors.

Chelsey speaks all over the world from Cannes Film Festival to Silicon Valley and with a proven track record in teaching public speaking, Chelsey has trained many people who now regularly appear on prime time television. Chelsey is a resident business expert on SKY Television and her advice is regularly published in leading business magazines, Chelsey will share her tips and success story on how to ‘Broadcast Your Business.’

Title of Talk : How to ‘Broadcast Your Business’


Tony is an entrepreneur, singer-songwriter, award winning author & Empowerment Coach.

For over 25 years he’s been investing in some of society’s most disadvantaged people, transforming lives through creating and delivering holistic programmes and workshops, just as his mentor did for him 35 years ago when, as a teenager, he made himself intentionally homeless in pursuit of his purpose.

In 2003, Tony founded Urban Voice UK which invested more than £1.5 million pounds into empowering ambitious individuals enabling women and young people from the Black and Ethnic communities to express their musical and entrepreneurial talents.

As a result many individuals have gone on to achieve success in a variety of careers across the globe including music artists Alexandra Burke, JLS, and Leona Lewis to name a few.

In 2012 he received an Award from Boris Johnson the Mayor of London for outstanding contribution to improving London and the quality of life for Londoners.

In 2013 He started writing his book The GPS System- 7 Universal Principles for Growing Personal Success. Within 3 months of its completion it had won an Award and inspired a Holistic Mentoring & Coaching program of the same name which helps you define and grow your vision of a success life using his “5 pillars of life formula” which ensures the quality of your life improves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially through better relationships as well as in the area of finance and Business.

Since 2013 Tony has been working in partnership with NatWest Bank supporting, investing and delivering training along with a team of Expert trainers to new start-ups and small businesses. He will be running a series of special events through the months of September and October at RBS Headquarters in Central London.

In a recent interview with his friend Michael Beckwith from “The Secret” Michael stated that the way of doing Business has changed in the 21st Century to what he calls “Success 3.0” Tony teaches and proves this new improved way of doing Business actually works.

Title of Talk : Empowering Women to Use Feminine Energy in Business


CEO and Founder of Grandeur and Love, a Personalised Matchmaking/Dating Agency

Pam Chand, the CEO and Founder of Grandeur and Love, is a personalised second generation matchmaker and certified international matchmaker from the Matchmaking Institute in New York.

Her company, Grandeur and Love sets out to personally understand the deeper psyche of each of its clients so that in reflection, a perfect match can be found.

Pam’s passion and vision for Grandeur and Love is to empower all individuals, not only to find love, but to encourage self-love and reflection. She believes the key to finding love begins with freeing ourselves from the personal limitations that we hold.

Combined with being a successful entrepreneur and with over 10 years of experience in Public Relations, Pam built her matchmaking company with her passion for helping people find love and happiness.

Pam’s desire for helping people began when her immigrant father, a well-established man in the Asian community in 70’s, began matchmaking while Pam was only 10 years old. As she was close to her father, Pam was often involved in the matchmaking process, which developed her passion and drive to help others.

Pam’s heritage, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit and passion, has meant that she is the perfect person to deliver a brand that distills both hope and courage into professional multicultural clients that are a seeking better dating and relationship experiences.

Title of Talk: Men Are Bad & Women Are Hard Work?


Ben Shorter is the co-founder of GTeX, as well as corporate sales trainer to the recruitment industry.

Having started in the recruitment industry at a young age, Ben always had a hunger for success, as well as a deep understanding of customer service.

After a successful career as a recruitment consultant, Ben found that he really enjoyed training and developing other individuals which is what led him to start GTeX with Simone Vincenzi.

Over the last 2 years, Ben spent time working with the largest recruitment agency in the world, The Adecco Group, creating and developing their training portfolio. He was awarded for designing their 3-day residential course for new consultants, which trains 240 people per year.

He was also recognized at board level for developing Adecco Live Training workshops, which generated in excess of £1,000,000 worth of new business and consulted frequently for the top performing team that generates in excess of £7,000,000 per year.

Ben is responsible for the GTeX business strategy and designs all of the products and programs and he was responsible for the growth of the company from 0 to £250k.

He is also launching the corporate side of GTeX and has already won numerous long term clients within the recruitment industry.

He is a passionate Drum & Bass DJ, and run’s monthly music events in London.

Title of Talk : How To Find Your PERFECT Sales Style And Grow A 6 Figure Coaching & Speaking Biz


Sharon has always been fascinated by the relationship between the mind and people’s behaviours through studying a degree in psychology, social sciences and working in the field of Health and Social Care for almost two decades. Sharon has worked with children and families to stabilise and strengthen relationships and promote a more nurturing and healthy environment. Sharon works on the premise that a happy, healthy, relationship starts with having a healthy, loving acceptance of oneself first, and has years of experience in supervising, coaching and teaching adults and children alike.

Sharon has always excelled at sports from her schooldays and her passion was netball and the long jump. She was consistently the best long-jumper in her district with opportunities to train at a professional level.   Sharon is passionate about personal development and has qualified with the Academy of Relationship Coaching endorsed by the APCTC and is upgrading her skills to Master Coach Level. Her passion and life experience around health and nutrition has led her to studying in this area and she enjoys coaching people to lead happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Title of Talk : Live From The Inside Out to Transform Your Life with Ease



Sammy Blindell, is the founder and visionary behind, the world’s most valuable brand building resource for entrepreneurs of purpose driven businesses.

Having spent 23 years in the branding and marketing industry, Sammy built six companies before selling her last company in 2013 to focus on launching How To Build A Brand. Within two years, she took her online programmes into twenty-one countries and in three years has now launched a physical presence in the UK, Europe, America and Canada.

Sammy built How To Build A Brand from £0 start up to £18,000 of monthly retainer income in just 12 weeks. In that same period of time, How To Build A Brand shot up from 473,000,000 in the Google search engine rankings to No.3 on the first page, all by using a very simple visibility strategy that cost nothing and is taught on her Bootcamps. She has since developed over forty products that sell online and she speaks all over the world to show other business owners how they can go from zero visibility to hero credibility in just 12 weeks.

Her award-winning book ‘The 7 Reasons Why Customers DON’T Choose You’ shot to number 1 on Amazon with over 1,100 purchases in less than 8 hours, using just one free and simple brand building strategy. Now How To Build A Brand regularly reaches over 40,000 business owners every week through FREE publicity and you’ll regularly find her in the press, magazines, on the radio and being interviewed across the world news channels.

She’s relentless in her mission to transform the way entrepreneurs build brands by consistently testing, innovating and sharing the most powerful and advanced brand building strategies to dramatically increase the value and credibility of their business.

The equation is simple really… Without trust you have no credibility. Without credibility you have no customers. Without customers you have no cashflow and without cashflow you don’t have a business. Without a brand you are unrecognisable and without effective marketing you are invisible. All of these parts are super important in your brand building mix, so join Sammy for a transformational journey and be the brand you want to see in the world.

VIDEO STREAM PRESENTATION : How To Build, Brand & Position Your Business In The Expert Space


Nisha Zala is an Upcoming Author and an established transformational coach. An expert in Mindset and Human Behaviour. Nisha has been featured on BBC Essex Radio and TV and is an Award Winning Coach, two time Award Winning Finalist in Overcoming Adversity and Woman to Watch Rising Star. She has developed a career in media and radio where she has been featured on her own show The Nisha Zala Show. She is the founder of Diva Achievers a company set up to help vulnerable women to guide them back into their goddess power. She inspires the world through her language of thought management, inspirational speaking and written words. You’ll find great warmth in what she delivers to discover each individuals ultimate greatness.

Her continuous contribution to society sets her apart from others. She leads through determination, dedication and commitment to achieving the highest level of results not only for herself also for others. Nisha’s specialist areas are Emotional Well-being, Mindset, Personal Leadership and Mindfulness Management. Creating a harmonic balance to centre’s one’s happiness to live with passion, purpose and peace.

Nisha loves the great outdoors, living healthy and has recently completed four half marathons, 50km hike, skydived for charity and she is an embodiment of adventure and living life to the full!

Title of Talk: The Five Key Principles to Living Your Business Journey with Passion


Bukola Dagiloke is a Entrepreneur, Speaker and Brand Consultant with over 10 years experience in brand and business development. Graduating from the University of the Arts, London College of Communication in 2006. Bukola holds degrees in Graphic Design for Communication and Information Design. Also the author of an upcoming book, Big Fish Branding and an international speaker. Bukola prides herself in the use of psychology and etymology to enhance her offering as a brand consultant. With a lateral and diagonal thinking abilities she helps her clients solve creative problems and provide practical solutions.

What her work as a creative mindset consultant not about is writing your business plan or doing your marketing for you, she can’t secure you investment but can and will ensure sound brand development advice and supply you with cutting edge marketing tools to help you attract your niche clients. She can help you review your pitch and advise you on creative business strategies to help you map out your journey to 7 figure business success.

Bukola takes you through a system that will save you time and money when building your brand. The results will be an increased profile and the ability to earn more in your business by attracting clients that are prepared to pay a premium for your product or service.

Title of Talk: Trust, Credibility and Quality. Why Your Personal Brand is the Key to Your Success


Lina Bourdon – the Founder and MD of City & Country Financial Services Ltd, a practice of Independent Financial Advisers based in the City of London

Originally from the Ukraine, Lina lived in Russia for over a decade before moving to London and quickly establishing herself as a successful business woman and a great achiever.

Lina came in the UK in 2001. She was not able to find a job immediately and was told she was over qualified. Lina decided to take a different approach and set up her own business. In a short period of time and in the middle of the financial crisis she made a career in an industry dominated by men. Apart from running her business and working with clients Lina is well known for providing financial education to businesses and their employees. She has run financial seminars and workshops for a number of years and she also was a part of a project called “Money Made Clear” which was organised by the Financial Services Authority (the regulator of the industry at that time). Among organisations Lina has worked with are the House of Commons, Ministry of Justice, Home Office, UK Border Agency, John Lewis, Zurich, Sony, BUPA, NHS Trusts and local Government offices to name but a few.

Lina is an Ambassador for Women in Business who promotes and supports women. Three years ago she set up regular networking events for women who own and run small businesses. As a result of her work she was appointed as one of the 15 members of the National Taskforce “Women in Enterprise” which was set up by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). The main objective of the Taskforce is to bring more women into business and help them succeed. Lina is responsible for work undertaken by the FSB Women in the Greater London region and she is committed to “put every woman who owns and runs a small business on a big business map”.

Lina describes herself as “A human by nature, a Londoner by chance, a business woman by choice and a bumblebee by fate”.

Lina holds two Masters Degrees (in Law and Philology) as well as a Diploma in Financial Advice and Practice, several qualifications in Sales and she has undertaken an endless list of courses. She is a powerful and charismatic speaker and she is also known among her friends and colleagues as “a Bumblebee That Keeps Flying”.

Des O'Connors

Sunday, 30th September 2018, 9am -7pm

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