Why Hire Women Speakers?

A question I am commonly asked is: “Why– as a man– are you so passionate about advancing entrepreneurship for women and booking women to speak on stage at your events?

Well, the short answer is that in my experience, I observed a lack of women in the male-dominated worlds of public speaking and business conventions – but there’s more than that to the story. I’ve worked closely with a lot of female business leaders over the years, and I have developed a better understanding of their unique perspectives. I feel that many women don’t always get the same treatment or opportunities as their male counterparts in the business arena. I’m happy to offer my skills and insight to men, but my work is especially meaningful when I can help a woman be seen, be heard, and be successful. I have spent the past 12 years inspiring and empowering women to achieve more in their lives and become recognised in their professions – here in the UK and abroad. During the past 12 years, approximately 80% of the attendees at my events have been women.

Working with women to improve their lives has been a central theme in my career, through various facets of professional services such as relationship coaching, public speaking and presenting, and business consulting. As an award-winning relationship coach, I helped create thousands of happy relationships, engagements, and even babies. As a professional speaker and business consultant, I understand the value of communication in a variety of contexts. Whether you’re giving a speech, designing a website, making a sales pitch or writing a book, I can help you share your message with the confidence and clarity necessary to achieve the results you seek.

Helping women speak on stage – many for the first time – has been an especially important part of my recent business initiatives. In the past 18 months in the UK, I have hosted and promoted events with more than 1,300 guests in attendance, where I have put more than 135 speakers on stage, and over 100 of these speakers were women and 1/3 of them were speaking on stage for the first time!

Many women who get to speak on stage for the first time mention to me that they felt empowered and exhilarated by the experience; the act of public speaking can help people find their voice and attain greater clarity over what they believe and how they add the most value with their business.

I work with women business experts to enhance their brand, create show reels, website design and marketing material, professional videos, creation of digital products, helping authors earn money with passive income (“get paid as they sleep”) from each chapter of their books by selling to global clients, and much more.

I have been doing this work as a coach, consultant, and events promoter for the last 12 years and noticed that so many talented women were not getting a chance to reach their full potential due to lack of confidence, limiting self-beliefs, and also most importantly, a lack of opportunities (as the speaking and seminar industry is dominated by men and most of them unfortunately do not value women as speakers). This lack of opportunity was preventing the women from excelling and achieving their full potential. I have changed that dynamic in the UK and now I want to change the world!

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