I Have A FREE AMAZING Opportunity For ONE Lucky Person To Speak On Stage On Saturday 23rd November, 2019, At My 7th Women In Business Conference In London…And We Expect A Packed Event!

(Men Are Also Welcome to Apply)

Speaking on stage can help you establish credibility as an expert, get recognised by a larger audience, get higher-quality business leads, and set up your business for long-term growth.

What Would You Do With a FREE Speaking Slot On Stage at My Event?

You can:
  • Share your story with a large audience. Do you have an inspirational personal story to share which would empower the audience?

  • Speak on stage for the FIRST TIME. Have you always wanted to speak on stage, but could never find the right time or the right occasion for you? NOW IS YOUR TIME! Come and speak on stage and get this valuable experience, in a supportive and no-pressure environment.

  • Discuss your book. Are you an author? You can use your time on stage to share excerpts from your book and promote it to the audience – sell more copies, have a live Author Event on stage!

  • Present your breakthrough. Have you experienced pain, overcome setbacks in your life, or learned valuable lessons from surmounting big obstacles? Share your wisdom and life lessons with the audience! We love to hear inspiring stories, motivational lessons, and real-life wisdom from people who have recovered from significant setbacks!

You can:
  • Share your products and services. Would you like to share exactly what you do and what you sell in your business, and receive a large list of hot leads who want to work with you?(Our live events have packed-out audiences who are EXCITED to hear from speakers, who are motivated to improve their businesses and lives, and who are READY TO BUY; this exposure on the day can easily be worth £10,000 or even more!)

  • Sell special packages of your products and services. Can you put together a special package of products or services available only to the live audience on the day? Our audience loves to see special offers and special deals or discounts; consider how you can present a special package of offerings from your business. Then you can sell it from the stage!

  • Launch a new product. Do you have a specific new product or service that you want to launch? Use your speaking engagement as a chance to launch it in front of a live audience! Prepare a presentation specific to your new product and offer a special deal to everyone in the audience who is ready to buy on the day!

You can:
  • Take your business to the next level. Do you have an existing business that you’re ready to take to the next level of growth? Use your speaking slot as a chance to put a spotlight on your goals – make a big announcement, explain why your business is growing and thriving and worthy of support, reach out to new customers, try something new on stage.

  • Show why you are an expert in your field. One of the best ways to build a brand is to show that you are an expert in your industry. Speaking on stage is an ideal way to build credibility! Show the audience what you know, share your expertise, give them massive value with professional insights and advice, and they will be likely to reward you.

  • Share the story of starting your business. Why did you decide to start a business? Most people do it because of some combination of passion and necessity – were you a stay-at-home mum who needed something new? Were you made redundant at a corporate job and wanted to create something of your own? Did you have a long-time passion but weren’t sure how to make money out of it? Were you tired of supporting your partner’s career and wanting one of your own? Whatever your story of entrepreneurship, sharing it on stage is an inspiring and empowering experience – sharing your vulnerabilities and triumphs is a great way to create a bond with the audience and get new customers.

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