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April 14 and 15, 2018 | Time: 9am – 7pm | Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton St, London, W1W 5EE (Nearest underground station Great Portland Street)

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Get Inspired, Grow Your Knowledge Base, and Gain New Insights to Power Your Business Success to NEW LEVELS in 2018…


Open Up a Whole New World of Success for Your Business – Join Us At…

Over 200 guests will be attending!

April 14th and 15th 2018

London – Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park

Would You Like to Achieve BIG results in 2018, But Without the Hassle of Taking Multiple Courses or Hiring Multiple Coaches, Consultants and Experts?


Hosted by award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker Des O’Connor and presenting a line-up of top speakers. This will be an inspiring, empowering, highly motivating weekend conference to generate new levels of success for your business!

Join us in London. Get a massively valuable amount of education, inspiration and insight all from ONE weekend conference!

Are you…

  • A new business owner who’s trying to figure out how to make your business profitable?

  • A full-time or part-time employee who’s thinking of starting a new business to make extra income?

  • An established business owner who wants to boost your sales and find a better work-life balance?

  • A stay-at-home mum who’s looking to get back into the workforce by starting your own business that fits in with the family?

  • A career professional who wants to create a new brand for yourself as a recognised expert and public speaker in your field?

  • Are you an expert who wants help to expand in the International market such as the USA, Canada and Australia, but does not have the contacts to do so?

If so, this event is an ideal opportunity for you! Please join us in London at the Holiday Inn, Regent’s Park on April 14 and 15, 2018!

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Hear from Expert Speakers

Our panel of speakers are some of the most talented, passionate, professional people in our industry. Get inspired as they share their expertise and offer keen insights to drive your business success!

Keynote Speakers

Des O’Connor

Paul Preston

Dario Cucci

Ozana Giusca

Jonathan Pfahl

Jessen James

Sharon Callix

Chelsey Baker


Simone Vincenzi

Deborah Gordon

Angelika Breukers

Sharon Daley


What You’ll Discover:

We will have a line-up of brilliant speakers who are experts in the fields of marketing, branding, social media, property investing, starting up a new business, and more!
Gain up-to-date insights and connect with industry-leading expertise to help your business with…

Social Media


Social Media

Learn how to manage your social media presence, share the right content, boost your following, and share your message all over the world! We’ll show you inside tips on how to maximise results from Facebook Live videos, blogging, and more! You’ll also get special advice on how to navigate the recent Facebook ad changes that have caused some confusion amongst business owners – we’ll help you stay ahead of the ever-shifting algorithm.




Learn how to create a consistent identity for your business. Your brand should tell the story of your expertise and convey your competitive advantage. Tell the world what makes you unique!

Webinar Marketing


Webinar Marketing

One of the underrated and underutilised techniques for promoting your business is to use webinar marketing. These easy-to-use video seminars can be delivered live or recorded and shared. You can use webinars to promote your business, share expertise for free, or to sell as digital products.

Digital Products


Digital Products

How would you like to make money while you sleep? It can be done by selling digital products from your website. We’ll show you how to make money by packaging and selling your unique expertise in the form of digital products – such as CDs, DVDs, downloadable eBooks, MP4 videos, and much more!




Hear from a top investment professional on how to get more out of your money by investing in property and other asset categories. Being an entrepreneur opens up whole new areas of possibility for your livelihood and wealth generation.

Become an Expert


Become an Expert

One of the best ways to build a competitive advantage for your business is to become a recognised expert in your field! Learn how to find your niche and build a brand as an expert – whether or not you already are running your own business.

Speak on Stage


Speak on Stage

Professional speaking is an ideal way to market your business, expand your audience and build your brand. We’ll show you how to get started with opportunities to speak on stage, sell from the stage, cultivate demand for your services as a speaker, and more!

Book Writing


Book Writing

Authoring a book is a fantastic journey of learning and discovery, and it also gives you a new platform for your business! Almost any entrepreneur, professional speaker, consultant or business expert can benefit from writing your own book – and with today’s great tools for self-publishing and promoting your book, it is easier than you might think!


About Your Host: Des O’Connor

Des O’Connor is an award-winning entrepreneur and international speaker who creates women business experts with a proven method of marketing, strategic brand consulting, social media management, and promoting opportunities for women to speak on stage as professional speakers. He helps women build successful businesses while expanding their audiences as recognised experts in their field.

Although Des has a special expertise in working with women business experts, he also provides coaching and consulting to men. Men and women are welcome to attend this event; this will be an inspiring event for all entrepreneurs, prospective entrepreneurs, start up leaders and business owners.

“I create business experts and help established entrepreneurs expand their brands worldwide. Whether you want to start a new business, get recognised as an expert in your field, or achieve opportunities as a professional speaker, I can show you how to sell products and services to global audiences.”

Des O'Connor, Event Host

What You’ll Get from this Inspiring Weekend Conference:

New Insights:

You will learn more from this weekend conference than you might learn from many weeks-long courses or consulting engagements! We have designed our conference to be full of concise, high-impact learning experiences that will maximise your schedule and deliver a generous return on the investment of your time. You’ll be glad you were in the room!

Industry-Leading Expertise:

Our speakers are top experts in their respective fields; you will be hearing the latest techniques, tactics and business strategies to help your company prosper.

Professional Networking with over 200 Guests:

Your fellow audience members – as well as the speakers on stage – are valuable contributors to your weekend conference experience; that’s because you will be meeting, connecting, networking and learning from each other along the way. You might meet some new business partners, new prospective clients, and new supportive colleagues who can help you in your journey of entrepreneurship.

Stronger Financial Security:

Most of the world’s wealthiest people are entrepreneurs, and even if you do not become the next Tony Robbins or Richard Branson, the truth is that small business owners often can afford an enviable lifestyle and attain a higher level of financial stability than most people. This conference will give you new inspiration to help maximise your earning potential, diversify your revenues, expand your business into new markets, and find new opportunities for investing your hard-earned income.

Reach a Bigger World of Possibilities:

Using the tactics, techniques and insights gained from this conference, you will have new impetus to take your business to a global audience. For example, by using webinar marketing, social media marketing, and digital products, you can market your business and make money from a base of clients all over the world. By investing in property, you could discover a new potential source of revenue and put your earnings to better use. This conference will help you expand your thinking and broaden your horizons on what is possible for your business to achieve – from London to the world!


Des O’Connor’s Business Inspiration Weekend Conference

  • April 14 and 15, 2018

  • Time: 9am – 7pm

  • Holiday Inn Regent’s Park, Carburton St, London, W1W 5EE (Nearest underground station Great Portland Street)

Disclaimer – What Results to Expect from Attending This Conference:
Des O’Connor and his business expert guests will be sharing and promoting many ideas, strategies, business insights, and offering various professional services and support that might be of benefit to the audience. We intend for this event to be an inspiring and educational experience that will help our attendees increase their business success, and we will make every reasonable effort to deliver value-adding expertise to help with such business goals as expanding social media audience, improving website traffic, generating high quality business leads, closing sales deals via live speaking events, selling information products, and improving performance of other sales channels.
However, due to the subjective nature of online marketing and lead generation, Des O’Connor (the event organiser) and his guest expert speakers cannot and do not guarantee any specific numerical results as a result of attending this conference or hiring professional services or buying information products via this conference. For example, we cannot guarantee specific search engine rankings, specific numbers of new social media followers, or specific sales results.
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